An Italian story of excellence and quality

An Italian story of excellence and quality

marine foundry is an Italian company whose primary objective is the manufacture of Fusion raw iron of the highest quality, But how is it possible to achieve this level of excellence in the production process? Let’s learn together.

marine foundry it’s a historical fact and it’s always been Uses high quality raw materialfrom different parts of the world, Avoiding the use of scrap and guaranteeing the production of high quality cast iron castings. This allows it to differentiate itself from competition in the markets of Eastern Europe and China.

foundry is equipped different types of ovens, In the 80s the production process was assigned to the cupola furnace, which was later converted to Rotary kiln Oxy-combustion which is connected to a second furnace, also smelting and electric, and a heat treatment furnace. technologies that allow it to satisfy even foreign market For 30% of the turnover of the company.

Works by the Fonderia Marini can also serve as architectural examples. design, as a built-in project Molino Stucky Palace A Venezia, where the Hilton Hotel is now located, for which he made columns 4.5 by 4.5 m in EN-GJS 400-15-h. 6, with relative capitals that dovetail with the composition as a whole.

As the company’s manager says:

“The strength of our company is the ability to satisfy multiple sectors with certified and high quality castings. Castings in nodular, pearlitic, ferritic and gray cast iron satisfy the most diverse industrial sectors, from presses to construction, from machine tools to renewable energy. The flagship is the Palazzo Molino Stucki in Venice, where our columns are deployed as they came out of the company.

Let’s take a closer look at three imported Focuses that distinguish the prestigious marine foundry,

The company focuses on small batch sizes and single pieces, serving such diverse application areas as general engineering, press manufacturing and even renewable energy. Castings and castings made can range from one kilo to 70-80 quintals, covering a wide range of applications. This differentiation allows the company to have hundreds of thousands of loyal small customers operating in different economic regions, thereby limiting the risk of a regional crisis.

  • Made-to-measure castings, without standardization

Castings are machined, painted, machined to perfection and heat treated on request.

  • always looking to the future

Fonderia Marini plans to build one New dedicated shed for finishing and preparing castings for shipment,

All these elements make the foundry a Leading the industry and demonstrating how to produce the highest quality products possible in today’s industrial landscape.