Angel case: Carrefour confirms that the electric bike has been tested!

Angel case: Carrefour confirms that the electric bike has been tested!

The information came directly from Engel, who didn’t hesitate to communicate the issue. From their point of view, the problem is entirely due to a storage protocol that was not respected by Carrefour’s service provider. According to Engel, the bikes would have been stored without being touched for several months, while they should have been recharged regularly to prevent their batteries from becoming deep discharged. Once in this state, the battery is most likely not recoverable. So it has to be completely and simply changed.

Bikes sold today have been tested

Carrefour communicates additional information in return. Firstly, without mentioning an exact figure, the brand confirms the purchase in March 2022.Received a large number of Angel bikes from one of its partners“. The number of bicycles sold affected by the bad battery problem will however be limited, Carrefour assures, as it concerns less than 30 units. The bicycles still in stock have been tested one-by-one to ensure that the defective Copies may be readily withdrawn from sale.

Carrefour would also like to remind its customers that a two-year manufacturer’s warranty expressly applies to Angel bicycles. The manufacturer’s customer service can therefore be contacted, and will provide answers to affected consumers. Of course, Carrefour customer service can also be contacted and will support the concerned customers in their endeavours.

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