"Anti-inflation" plan: These products will be sold at a fixed price

“Anti-inflation” plan: These products will be sold at a fixed price

Agreement signed between the Ministry of Enterprise and the Made in Italy and distribution and trade associations: The “anti-inflationary” strategy will come into force from October 1 On a shopping cart, i.e. a scheme that provides for the sale of certain products at a fixed price.

But let’s see, specifically, what it is.

Announces “anti-inflationary” plan against high prices

Anti-inflation quarter on shopping carts to begin on October 1st, That is what is predicted in a memorandum of understanding signed today by the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso, and representatives of the Associations of Modern Distribution and Traditional Commerce, which aims to accelerate the process of returning to inflation already high. course in recent months and that continued in July as well.

Minister Urso declared, “With the regulated basket we are confident that we can deliver a definitive blow by bringing inflation back to natural levels.”

The agreement was signed by the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso and representatives of Federdistribuzione, the National Association of Consumer Cooperatives (COOP), the National Association of Retailer Cooperatives, Concomersio – Enterprises for Italy, the Italian Federation of Retailers Food. Sectors – Fisa Confessorenti, FederPharma – National Unitary Federation of Italian Pharmacy Owners, ASSO.FARM. Union of Pharmaceutical Companies and Social-Pharmaceutical Services, Onlus, Union of Pharmacists and Disabled, National Movement of Free Pharmacists (MNLF) – Unitary Confederation of Free Italian Parapharmacies (CULPI), National Federation of Italian Parapharmacies, National Union of Pharmacists Only Parapharmacy Owners ( UNAFTISP).

What is the provision in the agreement and which products will be sold at a fixed price

As specified in the MIMIT note, by 10 September Will be defined with the unions that have signed the agreement, its modalities “Anti-inflationary quarter”He It will run from 1 October to 31 December and which will provide controlled prices on a selection of items included in the “Shopping Cart”.

Strategy will be implemented in different ways Method, such as the use of identifying fixed prices for the sale of certain products, rather than through promotional activities on specific items, or through initiatives on a range of branded products such as trolleys at a discounted or single price. However, in general, an anti-inflationary plan would mainly cover non-food primary goods such as baby products.

In addition, as part of the anti-inflation strategy that the government intends to pursue, MIMIT will set up a permanent table in the ministry, which may involve other competent ministries, to address specific issues in the modern distribution sector and traditional commerce. Are. and working to remove barriers preventing greater efficiency in business activities, “whose first meeting – Urso announced – will take place in the month of September”. The commitment also includes specific policies to support the sector.

What is and what is “basic necessities” stuff?

In relation to this Agreement, in the definition of MIMIT “anti-inflationary” scheme, A well defined list of assets has not yet been provided Which will be affected by the price being stable. However, in general, hygiene products are considered basic necessities, such as:

  • hand sanitizer
  • sanitary pads and tampons
  • liquid and solid soap
  • paper towel
  • dagger
  • Handkerchief
  • deodorants
  • Products for children or children in general, such as:
  • diaper
  • baby cream
  • Nurofen for children

then of course there are Medicines and care products in general Such as plasters of various sizes and shapes, sterile gauzes of various sizes, gloves, thermometers, paracetamol, pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. But also adult diapers, syringes, tweezers, antacids, ibuprofen, aspirin, probiotics, throat sprays and syrups, and antiseptics and burn creams.

This is a list of products and needs Example, But it is possible that the agreement – which is still being finalized – will end up with a list of goods and services that will be recognized and regulated immediately. So, in this case, all that is left is to wait for the next steps.





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