Australia's sky lit up with fireball, it is not a meteorite!

Australia’s sky lit up with fireball, it is not a meteorite!

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Last night a new ball of fire crossed the sky of Australia.

A big deal, no doubt about it. Because in the video shared on the social network, it is clearly visible that it was not only broken, but its pieces kept burning again.

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Eyewitnesses also say that they heard a powerful explosion as he passed by. indication that the object was still heavy when the bass approached AtmosphereAtmosphere, Otherwise there is no sound from the ground. And this ColourColour of ball feufeu Confirms that the object was not a fragment of an asteroid. But definitely something made by humans.

something inside plasticplastic and in MetalMetal, Possibly huge space junk. According to the first analysis, possibly the third stage of the rocket SoyuzSoyuz 2 is launched on August 7, 2023.

to get to the bottom of it, the astronomersthe astronomers All possible evidence will be required. they can be registered Via I’ApplicationApplication balls of fire in the sky, And cross-checking the observations might make it possible to triangulate the trajectory of the fireball. Or even help find some traces of it on the ground.