Best tips from Oppo, EBL, Samsung... 08/10/2023

Best tips from Oppo, EBL, Samsung… 08/10/2023

Notably after the successful Find X3 Pro, OPPO intends to continue its good momentum with the Find X5 Pro. There is no dearth of assets in this very high-end smartphone.

With its AAA/HR03 batteries, EBL promises a high capacity of 1100 mAh, low self-discharge and the possibility to recharge them up to 1200 times. Which, on paper, weighs heavily on the biggest brands.

The king eventually returned. After a disappointing performance in the 2022 edition, it looks like Samsung has finally found the right formula to regain its throne. Perfect on all counts, the Galaxy S23 Ultra promises to be the essential smartphone to start the year.

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