Beware of overbooking, the holidays are at risk: how to defend yourself

Beware of overbooking, the holidays are at risk: how to defend yourself

Climate change, hike in petrol prices and expensive flights among other things are not the only concerns for travelers this particular August. Your holiday schedule may be over face an unavoidable obstacleThat of overbooking.

Simply put, these are cases in which an airline sells more tickets than its capacity. Result? In the United States we go looking for volunteers to whom we provide a study of ticket cost and hours between the scheduled flight and the flight proposed for repair. In Italy, on the other hand, the unlucky are attracted to And efforts are made to guarantee them an alternate flight within the day. Below is all the relevant information, especially on what to do to protect your rights.

Who is at risk of overbooking

The solution to the mentioned draw doesn’t really represent generality. In fact, in most cases, Sad update comes via SMS or mail few days back. Due to the high number of passengers, the new time or date of the flight is known. This can also happen with respect to booked hotel infrastructure.

there are companies that makeOverbooking is a de facto domestic policy, This is protection against any cancellation or change in reservation. Booking into Surplus lets you cover any damages, However, when there is no step back, the problem is faced by the users themselves.

However, this is a legal process that requires the company to pay compensation. This system puts everyone, at least potentially, at risk unless preventive safeguards are put in place.

Overbooking: How to Protect Yourself

Although everyone is potentially at risk, people who have taken precautions can be said to be out of this group. As far as airlines go, you get a Guarantee if you are a premium subscriberWith Loyalty Card.

perform Check-in online immediately after purchaseWhich is a fee for many low cost airlines, should reduce your chances of being stranded. However, in case of a draw at the airport, there is no guarantee, On the other hand, there are no guarantees when booking a hotel.

In the event that you have already received dangerous communication, it is good to know your rights. In the event of overbooking, which is clearly not up to the user, he is entitled to refund of ticket price oh one flight or equivalent accommodation,

The cost of food and drink is borne by the company, as well as the cost of hotel accommodation, if required. Should compensation be awarded (only in case the carrier or hotel is not able to offer an adequate solution, equal to or greater than the booking, both in terms of dates and in terms of quality of service), it is calculated by flight On the basis of distance travelled:

  • Domestic and international flights less than or equal to 1500 km: 250 euro,
  • Domestic flights above 1500 km and International flights between 1500 to 3500 km: 400 euro,
  • International flights above 3500 kms: 600 euro





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