Bob Dylan and the Emotions of Live Performance: The Poet Fights Back Against the Smartphone

Bob Dylan and the Emotions of Live Performance: The Poet Fights Back Against the Smartphone

If there’s any obvious difference between live concerts of the past and those of today, it’s without the shadow inherent in the world in which we live them. in part There we are, partially hidden behind a display, A cause of controversy/comparison/conflict over the years, but one of the very few to do something about it on a large scale was Bob Dylan.

In fact, despite the age of 82, he has once again shown the way to open the doors of the Cultural Revolution. Poet, Oscar, Pulitzer and Nobel Prize, attempting to take the music scene back 20 years. It may sound counterintuitive, but it isn’t. manage Inspire your fans to live in the momentThis is indeed something that many artists yearn for, but how?

phone free music program

Age certainly knew no bounds for Bob Dylan on his many world tours, rude and rowdy manner, which saw him through to Italy for five stages. These, as well as all others, were characterized by an obligation: complete ban on smartphones,

In such cases it is impossible to rely on the ability of the public to self-regulate. For this reason it was decided to choose a specific Bag, manufactured by Yondr Company, so that the device can be locked for the entire duration of the show, and the unfulfilled dream of shooting 3 minute videos with it, which we will watch over and over again. As we all know, everything will be appreciated for a few seconds the next day, and then forgotten in the gallery.

On the other hand, looking around, one can get a chance to get more information on and off the stage, or perhaps to interact with other audience members who are similarly passionate. Summary, Music inspires and unites, smartphones isolate us,

Smartphone range: how it works

As mentioned, the main device for guaranteeing a smartphone-free concert, with a few exceptions, which are characteristic of clever people who are unable to even imagine such a possibility. custody Yondr,

Prohibit video recording, audio recording and taking pictures, This applies to all of Bob Dylan’s concerts, who are tired of seeing faces illuminated by so many lights and the backlighting of their displays. He dreams that only those people who have actual, apparently psychic, evidence of what happened are partners.

Yondr, which he assigned, is a very young company, born in 2014 in California. what does it produce unique magnetic cases for smartphones (Prohibited with any other digital device capable of making video, photo and audio recordings).

Made of neoprene, these cases seal the device using a magnetic system similar to anti-theft devices found in stores primarily on clothing. phone remains with the original owner, also because the final delivery will be the least chaotic. However, before going everyone has to go Visit “Phone Free” Stations, present at all stages of the tour. This is also possible in the event of an emergency during a live performance, and only for the duration of the call being made or received.

In contrast, Bob Dylan’s example is not an isolated one, but it is not so common either. Other great artists are remembered who have claimed this level of contradiction on behalf of the public, urging not to be distracted. For example, let’s talk about Guns ‘n’ Roses and Alicia Keys.

However, one broke mini web brawl, since the cost description states how the 5 Euros for Yondre custody are taxed. This means that Bob Dylan’s decision has a direct economic impact on the public, who are asked to pay to suffer this limitation. When we realize how much it is all in our favor, perhaps even these voices in the chorus will disappear.





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