Caro-Volley, Mimit-Ryanair conflict: EU Commission intervenes

Caro-Volley, Mimit-Ryanair conflict: EU Commission intervenes

The controversy over the decree of expensive flights is not taking the name of stopping. Airlines whose centers have been visited after complaintsryanair attack– who, along with its managing director, Eddie Wilson, condemned the decree, defining it as “ridiculous and illegal” because it “interferes with the laws of the free market according to EU standards” and should therefore be “cancelled”. Should” – and the request came in response to the Minister of Enterprise and Made in Italy Adolfo Urso addressed to the government on behalf of the European Commission to “clarify” the strictness of fares from other Italian airports to Sicily and Sardinia.

Mitt’s reaction

“Ryanair – Urso told TGCom24 – was Approved 11 times by the Competition and Markets Authority in recent years, It needs good commercial law consultants, someone who understands competition, the market and the rights of citizens. We intervened with an order that protects the market and consumers. The market is not the far west where speculators take advantage, it is controlled by the state, laws, authorities and the European Union. Urso said he has met Ryanair’s CEO and has “discussed with Ita because we intend to open a table.” “The algorithm – the minister said – is not a Soviet invention because it did not exist in Soviet times: it was born in the United States, the homeland of rights” with mechanisms “that, based on the user’s spending ability , offers different prices , or depending on the needs of the moment, they vacate seats, a kind of flight auction, a user profiling which is not acceptable. We intervened according to European regulations and provided all explanations are available to do. duty of the state to intervene When any action is taken on the citizen The market doesn’t respond to the rules, And – he specified – there is “no adequate market alternative” in the islands.

EU Commission position

“The services of the European Commission have contacted the Italian authorities and expect to receive more detailed information about the new measures on the fixation of air ticket prices, on the exact content of the measures in question – Adalbert Jahnz, spokesperson for Palazzo Berlemonte said – there Commission generally supports rules to promote affordable mobility, in line with internal market regulations. Sustainable competition with free pricing systems usually guarantee affordable fares in the liberalized European transport market, which is a success story. Only in specific situations, for example on routes that are not adequately served by market operators, such as routes to and from remote areas, should European legislation ensure both regional connectivity and access with the support of public funds. allows public service obligations with price regulations to do”. European Union Commission request Clarification on measures adopted against high cost of flights – Mimit sources – is “completely” physical and part of normal conversation Techniques between offices”.

pricing algorithm

“Last December – continued sources at the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy – an investigation was launched by the Competition and Markets Authority involving flights to Catania and Palermo close to the Christmas holidays, operated by Ryanair between Mor In the preliminary work of the investigation, the competition guarantor indicated how the prices of air tickets to Catania and Palermo could increase in some cases by 700% result in collusion between air carriers, facilitated by the use of pricing algorithms. For its part, ENAC then saw how demand for air transport increased on the occasion of freight train derailments near Firenze Castello station or floods in Emilia-Romagna, and therefore catastrophic events, which led to repression. The non-use of railway connections and parts of motorways resulted in exorbitant prices for air tickets, reaching up to 1,000 euros each, in terms of typical domestic routes. Underline all examples—sources—that They demonstrate how the free market has little or nothing to do with the matterWhereas the speculation caused by the lack of contrast with the rarefied competition and the distorted behavior of normal supply-demand dynamics seems to have a lot to do with it.





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