Dear Books alarm, government thinks about aid for families

The last month of holidays for millions of Italian students, who will start going back to school for the new school year from the second week of September. For some it will be the first at a new address, for others the last in view of maturity, but all, or rather all families, have the same problem: rising book prices. 2023, also for schools, is actually a year of record overload, Col favorite books It is set to put the Italians in great difficulty who have already had to give up many things to meet their needs. No holidays, or shorter commutes, fewer cars to deal with fuel surcharges, but saving on school books is now nearly impossible.

So the only way to try to cut costs for the new school year comes from the government. In fact, the executive has become aware of the increase in textbook prices and Minister Valditara will be ready to intervene Try to help Italian families,

dear books, this is an emergency

As we have already told you, in fact, the taste of returning to school will be like a real bite. Why? There There has also been a crisis at book and stationery shops. With textbooks and stationery now reaching record prices. As always, families who still have school-age children pay the price, and worse if there are more than one, the cost is far from negligible.

According to reports from the Italian Booksellers Union (SIL) of the Confessoranti, the price of books has actually increased and reached a peak of 8 to 12%. The cost makes you shudder as you go from 300 euro for 6th grade student AI 500 For those entering high school this year, the figures have soared 600-700 Euro including glossaries.

government help

Solution? There used to be a famous second-hand race at one time, but due to the new edition textbooks it is currently difficult to apply. So the only lifeline today can come from the government.

And it appears that Merit’s Education Minister Valditara is thinking about this, along with Under Secretary of State in the Ministry of Education and Merit Paola Fraccinetti, who underlined that the executive is very attentive to the issue related to the increase in book prices.

in fact, there would be a Meeting between Valditara and GiorgettiMinister of Economy, with the aim of introducing measures to support families, whether we are talking about cuts, as are already in place in other countries, or those to be allocated to support the right to education about money.

Even students are asking for concrete help from Paolo Notarnicola, coordinator of the High School Students’ Network, who underlined the need for the government to allocate funds to solve this situation: “A problem, that of price increases, is is aggravated by the fact that reference texts are changed according to the wishes of the publisher. In fact – this is the complaint – they are always the same volume with some minimal additions and revisions, but students still have to buy them from scratch is forced.

And the Kodakans have the same opinion, with President Rienzi condemning it, saying: “We have created an observatory to check all books, especially dictionaries, glossaries, grammars: we will check whether the texts have changed compared to previous editions.” There will be substantial changes, else we are even ready to report for fraud.”





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