Ryanair lascia l'Italia?

Dear Flights, the low-cost queen may leave Italy

There is tension in the control room of Ryanair, as well as in government buildings. “Ridiculous, illegal, it interferes with the laws of the free market by European standards. It should be cancelled.” don’t mince wordsCEO Of Ryanair, Eddie WilsonCommenting on the Meloni government order aimed at limiting airfares to Sicily and Sardinia. “If it is not repealed – said Wilson – it will be Impact on Ryanair’s operations in Italy,

Ryanair leaving Italy?

Ryanair’s threat to leave Italy is almost certainly a provocation. However, the airline has made massive investments in our country. The rift between low-cost Queen and the government could lead to Ryanair Look Elsewhere for Your Investments, just think 200 million How many dollars were invested in Turin-Caselle International Airport?

Eddie Wilson is a raging river against the government. With a regime that caps prices, “Why should I fly in the winter?” Ryanair CEO asked.
“If I have a plane in Catania and can choose whether to connect to Trieste or Barcelona, ​​but have a ceiling on the Catania-Trieste section, where do I go? Obviously in Barcelona”, he added.
And then: “I will cut frequencies from the islands to the continent”.
For Wilson, the only way to lower prices is to ensure competition and expand operations.

Airline Ticket Cost and Customer Profiling

After this, the government’s decree applies to the airlines. taboo Of set rates based on customer profiling, Eddie Wilson dismissed the allegations with a laugh: “There are no algorithms and we don’t ‘profile’ customers, how can we? People who think like that probably watch too much Netflix and don’t know.” That’s how the real world works.” And then: “I don’t know and I don’t care to know who buys the flights. What would ‘profiling’ do? You can’t convince someone who doesn’t want to fly with you to price it competitively, if necessary. Yes, he can. That’s why we’ve been successful: For years we’ve been offering low prices. People who preach on these issues have no idea what they’re talking about. The people who advise Secretary Urso clearly know nothing about airplanes or the economy”, Wilson alleged.

Finally, Wilson declared that the order from the Italian government was “a public relations stunt.” populist theft, They tried it in Moscow in 1917.”

Ryanair aims to grow through competition

Wilson explained that Ryanair aims to grow, but focus on low fares to attract customers. In contrast to “Lufthansa, which has taken Ita”, which is “an expert in raising tariffs”, attacks the CEO.

However, Ryanair has long since dropped the highly discounted fares. Europe’s leading low-cost airline has changed its policies, eliminating cheap flights due to the changed geopolitical situation.





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