dream job?  The 7 Professions That Italians Want Most

dream job? The 7 Professions That Italians Want Most

Each field visit reveals different dream jobs, as the concept of a “dream job” is constantly changing. To trace the development of this concept in Italy, adecco The professional ambitions of Italians were examined, considering opportunities for growth in terms of career and salary. This analysis allows us to make a ranking of the most popular jobs.

professions rise and fall

between Professions that have gained popularity compared to ten years agoemerge:

  • Influencers (+505%)
  • Nutritionist (+349%)
  • Psychologist (+148%)
  • Teacher (+123%)
  • Doctor (+85%)
  • Professor (+78%)
  • Nurse (+39%)

On the other hand, decreasing:

  • Archaeologist (-51%)
  • Singer (-50%)
  • Carabinieri (-42%)
  • Lawyer (-28%)
  • Policemen (-21%)
  • Judge (-20%)
  • Low Youtuber (-13%)
  • Journalist (-9%)

dream jobs in Italian regions

The Adecco survey also reveals the most coveted professions from different regions, from north to south. doctor’s figure is located Ranked 1st in 13 out of 20 regions: It is the most prestigious profession at the national level, from Lombardy to Sicily, passing through Emilia-Romagna, Sardinia and the Marches. According to the survey, there has been a significant increase in national interest in the health professions over the past decade, with a greater focus on the medical and nursing professions.

In the regions of Calabria and Veneto, the first place emerges instead. teaching professionleaving behind the profession of model and lawyer, which dominated these areas between 2012 and 2013. The situation is different in Piedmont and Trentino Alto-Adige, where the profession of notary has established itself as one of the most prestigious, registering an increase in interest nationwide by 116% in the last decade.

However, what are the reasons behind the decline in popularity of some professions? Undoubtedly, career uncertainty plays an important role, especially when considering the fields of journalists or lawyers.

Growing health and wellness sector

Influenced by the critical role played by these professionals in overcoming difficult challenges during the pandemic of the past years, increasingly lucrative professions are emerging in the health and wellness sector. Compared to ten years ago, interest in the medical profession has increased +85%, while interest for nurses has increased +39%. Businesses related to mental and physical wellness are experiencing a real boom: Psychologists are growing +148%, while Nutritionist reports +349% growth, This trend reflects the increasing sensitivity towards mental health in recent years as well as the importance of a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle. In contrast, interest in the personal trainer profession declined by -5%.

The Adecco study shows that the medical profession is one of the most prestigious in Italy. “This phenomenon – we read – can be attributed to the important role that health care professionals have played during the pandemic, demonstrating their importance and positive impact on society, but also to the competitive pay the profession has to offer.” can guarantee”. In fact, the N26 Education Price Index puts the average salary of Italian doctors at 23rd position in global salary ranking for this profession.

Humanistic Professions: Light and Shadow

Despite some concerns about the impact of technology and artificial intelligence on the humanities, interest in these areas remains strong. In fact, technological and digital innovation has prompted companies to look for profiles that have humanitarian skills enriched with digital skills. Compared to a decade ago, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people seeking careers in knowledge dissemination and storytelling.

Despite wages still uncompetitive in the sector of teaching In Italy, the interest in this profession has grown markedly. Although according to the N26 “Education Value Index”, Italian teachers are only 31st in the global salary rankings, with a gross annual salary of just over €24,000, research by The Adecco Group shows that compared to ten years ago In 2015, the number of individuals interested in pursuing teaching careers increased by +123%. This suggests that dream job aspirations are not always closely linked to income.

In contrast, interest in the profession of archaeologist And decreased by -51%, And interest in journalism careers declined by -9%. This decline may have been influenced by the crisis affecting these sectors, leading to reduced professional opportunities.

lawyer in italy

in Italy, profession lawyer’s Because of the aura surrounding the toga, it has always been considered attractive and beneficial. However, according to research conducted by Adecco, there is a 28% drop Compared to ten years ago, interest in this profession has increased. This decline may be influenced by various factors, including the average potential income of Italian lawyers, which is around 47,000 euros gross per year. According to the “Education Price Index”, it ranks Italy 29th out of 50 countries globally. This income is lower than many of their European peers, such as French and German lawyers, who are ranked 26th and 21st, respectively. At the top of the ranking we find Switzerland, which offers lawyers an average annual gross salary of 158,000 Euros.

Evolution in the entertainment world

The past decade has seen significant changes in the entertainment and recreation industry. The rise of social media and television streaming has revolutionized the landscape. Interest in the singer profession has dropped by -50%, while for YouTubers it has dropped by -13%. On the other hand, impress her has become a booming career with +505% increase. However, it’s important to note that this profession was still in its infancy in 2013. There are also differences between genders: among men, interest in becoming a model increased by +41%, but decreased by -39%. % to become an actor. Among women, the opposite occurred, with a -17% decrease in interest in becoming a model, but a 5% increase in aspirations to become an actress.

Interest in footballer remains high, interest in security decreases

football career With an increase of +27% in interest, it continues to be the all-time favorite option in Italy. However, the fastest growing sports profession is that of driver, with a growth of +44% compared to ten years ago. On the other hand, the interest in coaching career decreased by -9%.

Interest in law enforcement professions seems to be waning compared to ten years ago. Aspirations to become a policeman decreased by -21%, aspirations to become a firefighter decreased by -32%, and aspirations to become a carabinier decreased by -42%.





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