Fires in Sardinia, evacuations and serious damage: situation

Fires in Sardinia, evacuations and serious damage: situation

in the eastern region and in southern Sardinia, fire position It remains serious even today. The Mistral wind, which sparked several fires across the region yesterday, forced evacuations, damaged farms and destroyed a campsite, is blowing without any respite. The Civil Protection report confirmed the red alert level as of the previous day.

Environmental conditions are so delicate that once a fire starts, it spreads rapidly and reaches a large scale if not dealt with immediately. While the resources of the State Air Force and the Regional Air Fleet have been deployed, as demonstrated by their intervention yesterday, in particular Poetto area of ​​Quarto Sant’Elena, the flames managed to spread across the four-lane road as well. A firefighter was injured during the operation to extinguish the evacuated campsite, which was then reduced to ashes. In total, the fire ravaged hundreds of hectares of island territory yesterday.

the weather conditions are dire

The island is in the grip of flames from north to south 42 fire Which has spread throughout the regional area. Of these, 12 are of considerable size and have required the intervention of the Forestry Corps, which has not only deployed teams on the ground but also mobilized aircraft from the Regional Fire Fighting Air Service. The biggest fire is the one that started in the posada of the “Abba Ia” area, which was spreading rapidly towards Siniscola.

In the Posada area, between Monte Longu and San Giovanni, they have been A total of 600 people were evacuated, The flames reached these locations, darkening the sky between Posada and Siniscola on Sardinia’s north-east coast due to the sheer size of the fire. Due to the situation, the state road SS 131 “Diramazion Centrale Nuorese” is temporarily closed from kilometer 92 to kilometer 145 between Siniscola and Olbia. To respond to the emergency, three Canadair aircraft, helicopters from the regional fleet and ground personnel from the Fire Brigade and Civil Defense were used, which spent several hours trying to bring the fire under control. However, operations are being hampered by the strong Mistral wind blowing across the island.

At the site of the fire, the Nuoro Provincial Command of the Fire Brigade has deployed six teams composed of 30 men and 12 vehicles to contribute to efforts to combat the flames, with the risk of releasing harmful substances into the air.

Difficulties at Castiadas and Capoterra, at Ogliastra and at Sete Fratelli

Further south, another fire broke out Area of ​​Parco dei Sette Fratelli, was forced to temporarily evacuate two farms in the Murweera rural area as a precaution. In this situation, authorities have implemented the use of a helicopter and a Canadair aircraft to fight the fire. The second fire broke out in the Santa Rosa area of ​​Capoterra, where the Forestry Department is working with the aid of a helicopter.

Another important front is that of Garo, which is located in the Ogliastra region. Here, the intervention of aerial vehicles was necessary to stop the spread of the flames. Fires have also been reported in Santadi, Sadali, Quartu, Asemini, San Sperat and Vilamassargia in the past few hours. A restaurant in San Giovanni Surgiu was evacuated as a precaution.

A castiadasThe fire has been engulfing rural areas since afternoon. The flames are also clearly visible from the beach, as shown in the picture taken in Albruja.

fire in quarto

After a massive fire in Posada, another major fire has broken out flared up off the coast of Sardinia, right on Poetto beach in Quarto Sant’Elena (Cagliari). The flames originated in the Via Fiume area in Quarto Sant’Elena, within the Metropolitan City of Cagliari. After crossing Mollentargius Park, the fire reached Poetto beach. The McDonald’s restaurant was evacuated as a precaution.

Another fire broke out in the same area of ​​Quartu, in the province of Cagliari, inside the former Tamarix campsite. This fire may not be directly related to the fire that broke out in the afternoon in a thicket of sugar cane near Via Fiume, but this aspect still needs confirmation. The area is home to many caravans, usually used mostly on weekends, and has been vacated. In addition, some gas cylinders exploded. As a precaution, residents of the first villa in the Margin Rosso area were asked to leave their homes pending firefighting. The flames also threatened several villas along the coast, creating an imminent danger.

damage to agriculture

The fire burned hundreds of hectares of land, destroying fields and farms with burnt fodder and citrus plants. Agricultural vehicles and irrigation, power and pumping systems also suffered significant damage. Coldiretti’s analysis is ruthless.

Anomalous climate with high temperatures fuels flames, but concerns remain Negligence And thisaction of arsonistswith It is estimated that 60% of fires in Italy are voluntary, It will take years – explains Coldiretti – before the destroyed fruit plants can return to production with no environmental and economic damage to the companies.

In fighting fires, the speed of action is decisive and it is the farmers of the region who – explains Coldiretti – have a natural and extensive network of surveillance, without which the bill for destruction will be very heavy, but it also exposes them to serious risks For, especially in conditions where drought and high temperatures contribute to the rapid spread of flames.

“We still do not know exactly the extent of the areas involved and, above all, the extent of the damage, but from today we are making ourselves available to the authorities and institutions, together with our affiliated companies and our supporting structures are scattered in the region. To start mapping the damage and inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by the fire to the region, businesses and citizens”, ask Maria Amelia Lai, president of the Confertigianato Impresa Sardegna, and Daniele Serra, regional secretary. “Their will be used to provide useful and definitive numbers and, above all, to speed up the reconstruction phase in order to better coordinate the different phases”.

Ebas, the Sardinian bilateral craft organization, will be asked to mobilize to provide assistance to registered businesses that have suffered losses. Lai and Serra commented, “Once again we are mourning a region ravaged by human wickedness and counting the destruction of fields, homes and businesses.” “We have the utmost contempt for the perpetrators of the arson and we hope that these individuals are soon identified and exemplary condemned.”





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