Goodbye to Phone Booths: Tim Brings the Date Forward

Goodbye to Phone Booths: Tim Brings the Date Forward

This is certainly a blow to the hearts of many, but Phone booths will disappear sooner than expected, A true symbol of obsolete technology and, as a result, the times of the past, which have always been dearer to us than the present.

Talking about telephone booths is tantamount to remembering lira, telephone cards, which were often collected, but above all there was a time when a telephone call was something special, which expressed an absolute desire to talk to each other. Used to underline Of course, the urgency has taken away some of the romance today, but given the chance, no one would step back. After all, the past is beautiful as it is.

When will phone booths disappear?

Of course, Tim will take care of it Complete disposal of telephone booths on Italian territory. The whole process will be completed, somewhat surprisingly, by the end of 2023, A clear advance over the previously estimated timeline, which highlighted the 2026 end date.

Speaking about it was Pietro Labriola, the managing director, who confirmed that the settlement is progressing rapidly. So the countdown has begun for almost a total of 15,000 cabins.

Agcom’s authorization last May dispelled the last doubts. The presented data, in fact, does not allow any other type of action. really got one Mobile radio coverage equal to 99.2% of the area, in areas where public telephone service is still available. So it has for all intents and purposes become a simple memento placed at various points of our cities.

As said, neither one can go back nor one will go back. Evidence is given by the number of mobile phone SIMs possessed by human subjects, ie not used for domotics and industrial automation. we talk about 78.3 million phone cardsMore than the entire national population.

phone booth saved

Will this process, which is now coming to an end, be the final farewell to the public telephone service? It is true that a practical disuse has been exposed, but can it be verified everywhere? The answer is no.

in some places, in fact, I Public telephones operated by veteran Tim will remain in place. and work. It seems difficult to imagine that they are equipped with a telephone booth, yes, but the wall structure will be safe. The most melancholic people will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, even if minimal.

We talk about places of social interest, such as hospital of barracksbut me too prisons, Agcom has also provided accurate figures in this matter. There are 1,801 workstations throughout Italy, which will truly keep alive the memory of an era that now seems so distant, above all because of the unbridled rush of new technologies.

Goodbye romance, then? The transition from letter to telephone has certainly struck many people with this thought. Why should it be any different today, that the transformation is happening from a coin/card phone to a high-tech phone. And again, if one is really suffering from a nostalgic-romantic attack, a letter can be sent instead of an email, and a visit to the hospital, perhaps as a visitor, can solve this last hurdle as well.





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