Government, a warm autumn is in sight: Landini announces mobilization

Government, a warm autumn is in sight: Landini announces mobilization

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One of the government’s last acts was yesterday’s press conference to describe the two omnibus orders “Property and Justice”, Then the battery needs to be recharged in view of the summer holidays. autumnHe certainly promises to be charming. One of the first people to go to the office is the leader of CGIL, Maurizio Landini.

warm autumn ahead

“Too many disparities. The government should listen to us.” he said in an interview Corriere della Sera, On 7 October a mobilization was announced. “The fundamental rights enshrined in our constitution are being questioned today,” he said. The work is uncertain and low paying; The right to health, care and study is no longer guaranteed; health and safety in the workplace deteriorates; it deniesa critical climateInstead of being peacemakers, PE and we increase spending on arms and we want to reverse the charter of differentiated autonomy and presidentialism. The time has come to say much and indicate a higher road based on social justice and democratic participation. There is not only an economic crisis, but also a democratic and credibility crisis.

mobilization on 7 october

According to Landini the government would have specifically committed two mistakes: “Cut from one side basic income For poor families, it does not provide any avenue of employment and burdens the municipalities. On the other hand, he gets a vote on a law in the parliament tax delegation Which goes in the opposite direction of what this country needs: with tax evasion between 90 and 100 billion, amnesties are issued, even without administrative sanctions or penalties for the evaders.

satisfied government

Meanwhile, the government is straight forward and it’s actually the prime minister Georgia Meloni Aexpressed satisfaction after the final approval of tax delegation bill, Which got the green signal in the Chamber after the OK from the Senate. The Prime Minister says, “It is a structural and organic reform, lower taxes on households and businesses, a fairer and more equitable tax system.” The innovations also include a reduction in rates Income tax, That would increase from 4 to three and reduce taxes on 13th workers, as well as on overtime and productivity bonuses.





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