Huge Solar Flares and Radio Blackouts on Earth on August 5 and 7

Huge Solar Flares and Radio Blackouts on Earth on August 5 and 7

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June and July 2023 each had their own months. The month of August, which has just begun, already has two. Class X solar flares. one of the most powerful we emit SoleilSoleil Whose activism is definitely increasing continuously.

X class solar flares one after the other

Premieres this Saturday, August 5. Space meteorologists speak of cannibal explosions. Understand that the two explosions occurred one after the other and the second, moving rapidly, engulfed the first. What to fear that this class 10 eruption may give rise to a bigger eruption StormStorm geomagnetic. but the expulsion of collectivelycollectively The Coronel that came with it finally seems to have more or less escaped us, oops!

But on Monday 7 August another X class solar flare occurred. It was also from an active region called AR 3386 at the edge of the solar disk. And this activity of our Sun still affected the Earth. she had a breakdown radioradio in North America and the Pacific Ocean.