Introducing the Aerotent, a tent that automatically inflates in minutes

Introducing the Aerotent, a tent that automatically inflates in minutes

Here’s Aergogo’s Aerotent, a tent that will make camping a whole lot simpler. Due to its structure in inflatable tubes, it can be assembled in a matter of minutes thanks to the included rechargeable pump.

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The hardest part of camping is always setting up the tent. The company Aerogogo offers a new solution with a large format inflatable tent that can be erected by yourself in just a few minutes. Called the Aerotent, it is made of a structure made of inflatable tubes. It comes with a pump that works rechargeable batteryrechargeable battery, who handles all the work. Connect the pump, press the button and in 5.5 minutes the tent is ready to use.

The Aerotant comes in two versions, one with a circular shape, the other a crescent. However the interested parties alone shall be satisfied ColourColour Proposed, the inflatable support in red and the rest in black. So the tent is likely to get quite hot if kept full SoleilSoleil,

This tent comes with a rechargeable pump that allows it to be inflated in just minutes. © Aerogogo

A product that is only sold on Kickstarter

Nevertheless, the tent can be easily ventilated thanks to three windowswindows and three portesportes that can be opened for servicecanopiescanopies Thanks for the masts provided. The circular version weighs 16.5 kg, takes up 7 square meters of space and two meters in height, and can seat four to eight people. The crescent version is slightly smaller, with a height of 1.65 m, an internal area of ​​6.5 m² and a weight of 9.3 kg. It can accommodate two to four people with the possibility of creating separate living spaces. Plus, it only takes four minutes to inflate.

Aerogogo has decided to finance the launch of its tent thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that is already very successful. The half-moon version has a selling price of $1,329 (1,210 euros), which has dropped to just $799 (728 euros) when it first arrived. For the circular version, it will cost $1,999 (1,820 euros) for the full price and $1,199 (1,091 euros) for the reduced price on Kickstarter. Shipment of the first copies is scheduled for October.