Meet Meloni and Cons, Lots of Unanswered Questions

Meet Meloni and Cons, Lots of Unanswered Questions

Georgia Meloni returns to update online address book notes of georgia, If there is one thing that has definitely worked in recent years, it is the digital confrontation between politics and citizens. Think of Giuseppe Conte. Of course, things don’t always go as expected, but it’s always better than being accused of strategic silence, as is the case with the current prime minister.

He addressed various issues including fixed tax on bank’s surplus profits and minimum wage. no step back On this aspect, the government does not consider it an adequate way for the development of the country. Moreover, despite fierce protests in several cities, there is no doubt about citizenship income. but ready to fight And a meeting was also scheduled for the House and Senate in the middle of the holiday period.

Minimum Wage According to Georgia Meloni

Salary is impossible to avoid At least for Georgia Meloni, because we’ve been discussing this for months. Looking ahead, this has become the new battle of the Italian left, but it seems that the right is not ready to give up at all.

“Wages have stagnated in Italy for more than 30 years. We are the only country in the European Union where wages have been falling over the past 10 years, a period in which the Left has almost always ruled. Carrying on in the tone of the election campaign, as he usually does, he reiterated that people in government have now become aware of the problem of low wages, which he is happy about. However, he wonders why the minimum wage was not introduced then, instead of proposing it now to the opposition: “Maybe because they know it’s an effective headline, but it doesn’t work,

Cons: Questions for Meloni

As confirmed by the Prime Minister, Friday 11 AugustAt 17.00, there will first be a meeting with the opposition, Schlein and Conte. He pointed out how the issue is dear to the three government parties, who however see the issue from another point of view, and this explains the failure to vote on the motion.

“In the coming days there will be discussions to try to present a serious proposal to improve the conditions of all Italian workers, not to improve it for some and worsen it for others.”

The climate will be predictably tense, as the words of Slein and Conte suggest. The leader of the 5 Star Movement expressed himself as follows: “Meloni has reiterated his opposition to the minimum wage with baseless and ridiculous arguments. Above all, there is the fact that the salary will be lower with this method. a real fake news, The former prime minister saw nothing but provocation in the social video and, he reiterated, would try to explain his point with the graph. Furthermore, it is unimaginable that the subject of citizenship income, the banner of the movement, has not been touched upon. Many protests cannot be ignored.

Very important test for Eli Schlein, who could come out of this meeting without any agreement with Meloni, but at the same time, more closeness between PD and M5S. However, the secretary of the Democratic Party doesn’t intend to just talk about the minimum wage. More questions are cropping up.

certainly one of the issues worth addressing is that of angels, or by his non-resignation. from here we goemilia romagna, For families and businesses affected by flooding, discussing refreshments is as important as understanding the government’s intentions to prevent this from happening again. hydrogeological risk This is a harsh reality in Italy and it is necessary to intervene in time rather than try to save what can be saved and then rebuild.

“Despite the promise of 100% refreshment, even after more than three months, we have not seen a single euro. We asked that the resources of the first decree be redirected that were not used, such as redundancy funds, to be immediately allocated to refreshments needed by families and businesses, and this was not done. Here, this will be an opportunity to hear the strong requests that we will bring as PD.





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