Schlein vs Meloni sul salario minimo

Meloni’s counter-offer on the minimum wage

termination of Georgia Meloni al minimum income This is exhaustive: The Prime Minister considers the proposal, strongly supported by the M5S and PD, to be risky, as it would impose a severe burden on companies and risk driving the most fragile companies out of the market.

Georgia Meloni and the minimum wage

I am five counter-offers Which the government will put on the table to shift the focus of negotiations with the opposition away from the minimum wage.

first offer it worries me collective agreement, hope so “expand collective bargaining By applying, where it does not exist, the category contract that may be considered a reference”, as explained by Al corriere della sera Senator Claudio Durigone of the Northern League. This is not the most difficult area of ​​conflict as the opposition in their proposal calls for a mechanism to be put in place by which “workers in every sector” should be entitled to “economic remedies not inferior to those provided by collective agreements”.

second proposal it is related public procurementThe. the intention of the government unlock workers’ wages by the factors that determine it maximum discount Which allows companies to win tenders. The argument for maximum deductions runs the risk of reducing workers’ wages and cutting everything that can be deducted, including security expenses.

third proposal it’s about the role Colonel (The National Economy and Labor Council, now chaired by Renato Brunetta, which Matteo Renzi aimed to eliminate with his referendum) and the role ofaran (Agency for Negotiating Representation of Public Administration), ie the body that represents the state in negotiations for national contracts. chanel and aran must work together to “balance the effects of so-called pirate contract,

fourth proposal to introduce measures aimed at Increment from January 2024, indiscretion comes from the newspaper impression,

fifth proposition has as its object renewal time of national collective agreements. Contracts are often not renewed for years so employees work on expired contracts. The Government intends to incorporate a reward mechanism based on tax exemptions for timely realisations in renewals.

The unfortunate meeting between the government and the opposition is scheduled for Friday 11 August at 17:00. The evidence of dialogue is probably due to the fact that the survey shows Italians in favor of a minimum wage.

government-opposition meeting

Field Lineup:

  • Aside Georgia Meloni (premiere), Matthew Salvini (Deputy Prime Minister), Antonio Tajani (idem), alfredo mantovano (Under Secretary of State to chair the Council) e Giovanbattista Fazolari (idem).
  • On the other corner: Eli Shleen I maria cecilia guerra for PD, Joseph Conte I nunzia catalfo For M5S, charles calenda I matthew richetti for share, nicola frattoinni I franco mari For the Italian Left, angelo bonelli Ed eleanor eve I for Verdi, ricardo maggi I benedict delavedova +For Europe. Matteo Renzi is absent.

Schlein and Conte vs. Meloni

Most belligerent is Eli Schlein, who requests a leading role and is refused a mere audience role at a meeting on the government’s counter-proposals on the minimum wage.

The meeting is attended by M5S exponents angered by the fact that the Meloni government has replaced basic income with various other measures.





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