Minimum Wage: Meloni Opens Up, Shlain Presses On: "We Need Answers"

Minimum Wage: Meloni Opens Up, Shlain Presses On: “We Need Answers”

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Evidence of talks between government and opposition released Minimum Wage: Lmeeting is scheduled for Friday afternoon According to parliamentary sources, along with representatives of PD, Movimento 5 Stelle, Alianza Verdi e Left and Piu Europa. Instead, Action-Italia held a lively parade.

Minimum Wage, Dialogue Test

“I absolutely hope what does President Meloni expect, who has opened the way for discussion with the opposition”, Labor Minister Marina Calderón meanwhile said in an interview with TGCom, underlining that “these issues, of bargaining, of people’s wages Along with the level, there are also state conditions. The health of the working world is an issue that deserves open and constructive discussion.” “Then of course there are responsibilities Government From which it can be said that the government will take the path and evaluate but these are the issues which should be developed in the civil society and above all in the Parliament”, he concluded.

melonie opens

Meanwhile, on August 3 last, the green light On the dubious question of the majority of the House of Representatives aimed at suspending the investigation of the opposition bill on the minimum wage for a period of sixty days. This resulted in chants of “Shame, shame!” from the opposition. The voices started echoing. For this even the secretary of the Democratic Party Eli Shleen He says he is available for comparison “provided it is not an Augustan play” or, worse, “A Bait and Switch”As Georgia Meloni herself defined our minimum wage proposal a while back.

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In short, Schlein rejects the setting of “just listening” on which the government would have positioned itself and, in fact, set its terms: “we are ready to discuss the merits and we will defend our proposal” but “we hope they will have some news”. Solid answer. And not only in relation to the issue of the minimum wage, but also on “R.”Istori PFor the families and businesses affected by the floods and landslides in Emilia-Romagna and on the failed resignation of De Angelis”, he underlined.





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