Mixbrew infuser test: The accessory that turns the Thermomix into a filter coffee maker

Mixbrew infuser test: The accessory that turns the Thermomix into a filter coffee maker

A good filter coffee depends on a few criteria: infusion temperature, infusion duration, temperature and duration of heating, tasting temperature, etc.

We expect this Thermomix-grafted infuser to be a worthy alternative to a filter coffee maker. To assess it, we put it through the same series of tests we use for our coffee machine reviews.

The first point we looked at was the infusion temperature, which is important to the flavor of the coffee; It should be between 92°C and 96°C. The closer it gets to 92°C, the more acidic the coffee. The closer it is to 96°C, the more bitter it is. Here, by heating the water to 98 °C for a total of 10 minutes, we are already 2 °C above the respectable standard.

The temperature of the coffee after brewing should be between 80°C and 85°C in order to enjoy coffee between 60°C and 65°C after serving – the ideal temperature to enjoy the aroma without feeling the burn. And there too, after preparing a liter of coffee, the temperature is still very high as it is 94°C. This makes sense because during the 10-minute infusion (when the robot-cooker’s speed is set to 5), Mixbrew recommends continuing to heat the water to 98°C, always. At this point we issue a warning and we can only advise you not to heat the water during infusion. In this way, the coffee infuser from MixBrew does its job successfully.

What about preparation time? We personally find that 20 minutes of preparation is long enough, especially for people who are in a hurry in the morning. Determining the correct infusion time is difficult, especially since it varies according to the amount of water and coffee prepared. According to the experts interviewed, this ranges from 6 to 10 minutes: on this point in particular, Mixbrew’s advice is in the right direction.