Orange puts people at the center of the innovations of tomorrow's car

Orange puts people at the center of the innovations of tomorrow’s car

In recent years, the automotive sector has been undergoing real change driven by innovations and new technologies. their aim? Move towards intelligent and safe mobility, designed for people first. As a key partner of Software Republic, Orange is participating in this “transformation” by developing a variety of technologies, including a universal payment interface and a virtualized and secure service log.

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Will the future of mobility be smart, safe and sustainable? In any case, the Software Republic consortium is working hard on this. This open innovation ecosystem brings together five major European technology leaders, including the carmaker Renault as well as Orange, which has developed many innovative solutions for people and their safety.

a universal payment interface

parking space, “solve” to insert “Electric charging stations… applications have been on the rise in recent years to make life easier for drivers. Workable, except you have to navigate from one to the other to access the relevant service.

orange so conceived pay in car », integrated solution in a universal messaging interface, accessible on any vehicle screen. All selected points of interest appear on the navigation map and the driver only has to access the desired service Via des chatbots.

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dual charging station

Another major innovation in times of energy challenges: “Intelligent Bidirectional Charging with” power box “. Until now, the electrical terminals were only used to supply the vehicle. With bi-directional charging vehicular grid “The energy contained in the car when at rest (and therefore not in use), for example, can be used to provide, to some extent, the home or even to the consumer electricity network during the peak of consumption.” Like smartphones that provide power to headphones.

Orange Software is part of the Republic consortium. © Software Republic


Better road safety thanks to big data and artificial intelligence

With the emergence of Big Data, there is now a lot of data available from the urban environment, such as other vehicles or road infrastructure. So the issue is not related to their quantity, but their collection and aggregation to provide valuable information to the drivers. The “V2X” platform developed by Orange allows this.

Virtualized and Secure Maintenance Log

So the innovation is clearly related to driving as well as maintenance of the vehicle. with the system car Health From Orange, all wear and tear information on various vehicle parts is collected from sensors in a database.

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Article written in partnership with Hello Future, Orange’s research and innovation site





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