PNRR, government restructuring: this is Italy's new plan

PNRR, government restructuring: this is Italy’s new plan

Italy officially presented the proposal to the European Commission yesterday Overall revision of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, including the new REPowerEU chapter. The proposal will be assessed in the coming months by the European Commission on the basis of regulation on the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

Changes requested by Italy

Government – ​​EU Commission Report – “Is.” Proposed to review 144 investments and reforms related to six thematic areas of the plan, In detail, the changes are related to digitization and competitiveness, ecological transition, sustainable mobility, education and research, inclusion and cohesion, and health. This is the largest number of changes so far among the 14 plans submitted to the commission by multiple countries.

due to restyling

Italy’s request to change its plan – Brussels explained – is mainly based on the need to take into account recent global constraints such as high inflation and supply chain constraints.

approval process

The commission has two months to assess whether the revised scheme still meets the criteria of the assessment mentioned in the Recovery Regulation. “If the Commission’s assessment is positive, it – explains the note of the European Executive – will present a proposal to the Council for a revised implementation of the decision to reflect the changes in the Italian plan. The council will have up to four weeks to approve the commission’s assessment.”

Repower EU Program

is integrated with The intervention also aims to use the 2.7 billion allocated to Italy by the RepowerEu program To support the energy transition. Plan launched by the EU in May 2022 in response to difficulties and disruption to world energy markets caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine to help the EU save energy, produce clean energy and diversify its energy Was. energy supply. “Italy’s endowment under the RePowerEu chapter in terms of new subsidies – announced by the European Commission – is 2.76 billion euros. Italy has not proposed to transfer money from the Brexit Adjustment Reserve (the so-called Brexit reserve, which has a share for Italy of $5 billion) for its recovery and resilience plan.

Il NextGenerationEU

Italy – according to what is learned – has not even formally indicated, at least not yet Willingness to take advantage of new loans under NextGenerationEU, Rome has already received the full amount made available to it and only if other countries do not exhaust the still available 225 billion with their requests (Spain has already demanded 84) can it seek other resources. Hope will be able to

PNRR next installments of

An agreement in principle has been reached between Rome and Brussels on the disbursement of €18.5 billion in the third tranche, the formal process of which has yet to be completed. is also on the tableApproval of ten changes proposed in the objectives of the fourth installment, which is worth 16.5 billion. This path will also inevitably affect projects that closely affect local authorities and that have worried mayors and regional chairmen.

fitto’s assurance

Minister for European Affairs, South, Solidarity Policies and PNRR, Rafael Fitto confirmed this in a meeting with representatives of the regions, provinces and municipalitiesThat no interference will be defined and all works will continue to be carried out without any hindrance as the commission will have to examine the proposal sent today and only after its approval the source of funds will be substituted.





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