Post reopens transfers of Italian credits: when and how

Important News in Optics super bonusWho? Post Italiano which reopens the service for the purchase of tax credits Linked to a measure designed by the government. News that had already been in the air for several weeks and which, after the intervention of Lucia Albano, MEF undersecretary in the Finance Commission of the Chamber, became official through a note sent from the same company. However, expectations are now rising for taxpayers, who will have to wait a few more weeks before being able to start procedures with the Post, which, on its part, has also set very specific limits on requests to buy credits for Superbons. . ,

Poste’s Press Release on SuperBonus

The decision to reopen the procedures for credit purchases certainly came under the impetus of the government, which has talked about the possibility in recent days. Following Albano’s words during a quick answer question on 19 July at the Chamber’s Finance Commission, the Poste Italiane underlined that the problem was in the pipeline with the closure of procedures to resume the repurchase of loans. .

Important news that came on Tuesday 8 August 2023 with a press release published on the Post Italiano website in which it is referredinitiative as indicated by the government “which confirms the continued support of Poste Italiane to families and the country system”.

What changes for transfer of credit

But the note published on the Poste website also contains important details to consider for purchasing Superbonus credits. Dates first, because the practices will be able to start only according to what has been told by the post office. from October 2023The month is not so close, but not too far away either.

Again, it is emphasized that the acquisition of credits will be targeted exclusively at natural persons and will be limited to so-called first assignments for a maximum amount. 50,000 euro,

Where to ask for a transfer

It should be emphasized that not only Poste Italiano provides transfers of credits. actually too BPM Bank has announced its intention to reactivate the transfer of credits and in recent weeks there has been news across platforms on the sides of the demand and supply of credits.

As also pointed out by MEF Undersecretary Albano, some arbitration platforms have been set up by private operators that allow the evaluation of proposals for the purchase of building bonuses such as “Finanza, Finanza.Tech, SoBonus, Giroconto, InnovaCredit and Finally Fedorbonus”. And the latter platform, the newest in terms of operation, was developed by Federcontribuenti.

On the other hand, Enel’s credit with the debts of its own customers and account holders.

dispute blocked credit

But meanwhile, there is growing controversy over blocked credit, which is being defined by the 5 Star Movement. Government “negligent” on this subject, “We expected something concrete from the CDM on the release of stranded tax credits. Ever since the government decided to write the word “end” in the 110% superbonus, promises about a solution to this problem have been following each other on a daily basis. Unfortunately, nothing happened after the announcements,” said Agostino Santillo, M5S’s deputy group leader in the chamber.

“Now the construction sector is definitely at risk of a coup, with a huge loss of jobs that is hard to stop. We renew all our proximity to the withdrawal of SUPERBONUS 110%. However, our fight will not stop” Pantastellati underlined.





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