Retirement, under 35 alarm: at what age will they go?

Retirement, under 35 alarm: at what age will they go?

Per Workers below the age of 35 get pension It would be a real mirage. The alarm was sounded by the National Youth Council, a representative body of the latest generations, comparing institutions, through a study carried out with Eurus, the European cooperation network of employment services. An analysis of INPS data revealed that people under the age of 35 have to work till the age of 74 before getting a check of at least one thousand euros.


The study titled ‘Young people’s contributory status and pension futures’ again focuses on Job disruption and rising uncertainty which, coupled with low wages and lack of social guarantees, are the main barriers for both the youngest groups and women to enter the labor market and obtain contractual stability and acceptable wage levels.

“All this has a significant impact on the future pension situation of young people” explained Maria Cristina Pisani, president of the National Youth Council, who launched an appeal on “necessity”. Intense debate on social security issuesI, who also takes into account the needs of the younger generation”.

“The Demographic issue and change in ‘net contribution’ system The stability of our pension system is further jeopardized – said the CNG president – ​​due to the tendency for citizens to work longer hours to receive less generous pensions than in previous generations.

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According to an analysis by the National Youth Council, the reasons for this phenomenon can be traced mainly to these factors:

  • work continuity
  • low wage
  • lack of social security
  • demographic issue
  • Change in ‘net contribution’ system

According to the processing of INPS data related to the payroll of young people (15-35 years), workers in Italy under the age of 35 will be able to leave their jobs not earlier than the age of 35, in accordance with the provisions of the law. Rs 69.8 to earn minimum 2.8 times plus pension Gross amount of 1,249 Euros, i.e. 951 Euros per month total amount of IRPEF (Here we have reported the latest concepts on pension reform that the government is working on).

to receive an average check of at least one thousand euros, Those under 35 should stop working at age 73.6By 2057, it reached 1,561 gross Euros (1,093 Euros net of IRPEF, 1,134 Euros for men and 1,041 Euros for women) per month, equivalent to 3.1 times the amount of the social allowance.

According to CNG estimates, workers are retiring at about 74 years of age VAT number They will receive 1,650 euros gross (1,128 net of IRPEF) per month, which is equivalent to 3.3 times the amount of the social allowance.

A picture in line with the OECD estimate that calculates how many girls and boys who started working at the age of 22 in our country started working in 2020 Retirement age will reach 71, the highest among EU countries, This is despite, as reported in the latest Eurostat report, pension expenditure in Italy was 17.6% of GDP in 2020, the second highest in the EU27 after Greece, and much higher than the EU27 average of 13.6 (Here we talked about Guaranteed Pension Solution for 40-Year-Olds).






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