Samsung 43AU7022 TV: Avail Extraordinary Offers at CDDiscount!

Samsung 43AU7022 TV: Avail Extraordinary Offers at CDDiscount!

Good news for high-end television lovers! television SAMSUNGSAMSUNG The 43AU7022, which is renowned for its exceptional image quality, is currently on sale at Cdiscount. With a significant drop in price, it has become even more accessible €349.99 instead of €471.29, Don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself with a 43-inch (108 cm) screen ResolutionResolution 4K for stunning visual experience!

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A 4K screen for complete immersion

The first strong point of the Samsung 43AU7022 TV is its display format 4K4K, with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixelspixels, you will experience unprecedented image sharpness and clarity. Whether it’s watching your favorite movies and series, playing Video gameVideo game or view content in streamingstreamingThis television provides full immersionuniverseuniverse picture.

HDR technology for vibrant colors

Thanks to HDR10+ technology HDRHDR Samsung 43AU7022 TV has integrated HLG colour’scolour’s Will be richer, deeper and more radiant. Dark scenes will be more detailed, while bright areas retain all their GlowGlow, This cutting edge technology guarantees you a realistic visual experience the contraststhe contrasts Images of attractive and remarkable quality.

43 inch screen for shared enjoyment

With a screen size of 43 inches (108 cm), this Samsung TV is ideal for sharing moments with family or friends. Its large screen offers unobstructed views from any viewing angle, allowing everyone to enjoy their favorite shows in comfort. You’ll be able to organize movie nights or friendly game sessions.

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