Saviano moved to Mediaset? What will happen after Rai’s no?

dispute continues Roberto saviano Meloni against the government after stopping “for no reason” his insider programme, which should have been aired on Rai. A program that has already aired on state TV channels with the first season also having some success in streaming, but has left the schedule with the second season, leaving the writers and screenwriters themselves wondering, who are not there.

He raised his voice, made himself heard and also gained the solidarity of many colleagues, but Rai does not see even a shadow of Roberto Saviano’s return. So the 43-year-old decided to look elsewhere in the hope of landing a spot on TV next season as well. And rumors are what stir up,

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As mentioned, a second season of Insider, a program that was slated to succeed 2022, was shelved. Defined as a journey of discovering criminal organizations, told by the people who lived them from the inside, Saviano’s program in the first season told stories Anna Carino (partner of Francesco Bidognetti, owner of the Casalesi family), pierra aiello (the mob widow who rebelled against the Cosa Nostra), Giuseppe Sent (Rion Sanita’s boss, now Justice’s ally) E Maria Monty (The first Italian police officer to infiltrate a criminal organization).

However, in the second season, there would be four other protagonists and the episodes were all drawn up and packaged. As Saviano himself told the fanpage, in fact, the new heroes would have been don pepe diana (murder of anti-mafia priest in Castel di Principe), Antoninus strip (former Cosa Nostra assassin and ally of justice), Rosaria Capacchione Ed enzo palmsano (journalists busy reporting on organized crime) e fasting of flower (Gargano’s associate of Justice within the Mafia).

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However, despite a petition signed by hundreds of people, Rai did not want to know about reinstatement – at least for the moment – Saviano, who points to other coasts. Which one? If it’s not opinion, then apparently it’s MediaSet.

In fact, the screenwriter, after repeatedly criticizing the top management of Viale Mazzini, must have looked to Maria De Filippi and Colon Monzes TV, which, after Berlusconi’s death, followed a precise line with Pier Silvio Berlusconi. is doing and is careful to reduce. Less trash and a lot more information (see the cases of Bianca Berlinguère and Myrta Merlino and the departure of Barbara D’Urso).

and through Today The author himself would have praised De Filippi, inviting him to return to TV after the experience with Amici: “I hesitated, I didn’t know how to talk to boys. It was an incredible success and I believe it still is we must do something: Bringing Books Together on Television”.

A clear message to the Mediaset presenter who was annoyed by the author: “The power of Maria is that she is able to deal with even the most ordinary, clichéd situation, giving it a touch of authenticity, looking at it from a point of view that makes the story one in which everyone recognizes themselves”.





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