Scam on petrol pump, pay attention to the meter!

Scam on petrol pump, pay attention to the meter!

Summer 2023 will surely be remembered as the hottest season in recent years, but also one of the most expensive. Yes, because the great crisis that hit Italy after the war broke out in Ukraine and beyond, is being felt loudly in the pockets of Italians who, in a quarter dedicated to holidays and rest for the holidays, have to deal with no . negligible increase. One of these is linked to the price of fuel which, after a momentary decline and stabilisation, has returned to a steep rise. Above all, and this should be emphasized even more, in peak periods of motorway traffic, when Italians get into the car on black dot weekends.

But the holidays have got off to a bad start for the hundreds, if not thousands, of Italians who may have become victims of a gas pump scam. A scam that returns more and more over the years and that increases prices in the summer certainly has a different meaning and leaves a more bitter taste in the mouth.

tampered meter scam

of counters tampered with Unfortunately it’s a scam that keeps coming back year after year, making unsuspecting customers pay more for fuel than is actually supplied to their car or motorcycle Does matter. Realizing this, especially in an age where everything has become digital and errors have become minimal, is almost impossible, but there are those who have managed to track it down.

In fact, a video shot in Catania is going viral on the social network, where a TikTok user is telling something strange about his fuel filling. The complaint from user francesconota is really clear, the distributor produced the film when the scam was happening. bewildered driver shows up diesel gun Which he keeps in his hand and when he is not filling petrol, the counter of the petrol pump keeps rising.

As can be seen in the viral video, the digits on the counter move A few cents at a time. The user who shot the video of the complaint pointed to the counter saying “the gun is here, look”, which jumped from 7.47 euros to 7.51 euros in a matter of seconds and reached more than 7.60 euros. According to the meter, the pump that the user has, gave 4.51 liters of diesel.

flop average prices and fuel prices go up

And while Italians have to be wary of such moves, fuel prices show no signs of abating. With petrol and diesel reaching alarming new highs, this has not come down despite filling stations being mandated to display average prices.

To find out the budget Fageica is one of the main associations of managers, which calculates how diesel prices have increased Since the beginning of the month (when the exposure obligation began) it costs €0.041 per liter on the ordinary network and €0.036 on the motorway network, while petrol costs €0.017 per liter on both roads.

“If a good day begins in the morning, the average price risks not being the panacea for all ills declared by Cartel Minister Urso”, declares Roberto Di Vincenzo, president of Fegica.





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