Semiconductors, Italian Chips Act underway: allocated funds and why

Semiconductors, Italian Chips Act underway: allocated funds and why

In recent times the member states of the European Union have ratified it. Chips Act, iIn February 2022, a plan was presented by the European Commission to double the old continent’s semiconductor market share from 10% to 20% by 2030, with the aim of cutting dependence on China and other Asian countries. program must be dynamic 43 billion euros in public and private investment, including 3.3 billion euros from the Community budget.

Italian Chips Acting Up

“With chip regulation, Europe will lead the global semiconductor race. The results are already visible: new production plants, new investments, new research projects. And in the long term it will also contribute to the revival of our industry and the reduction of our foreign dependence”, the Minister of Industry of Spain underlined, Hector Gomez Hernandez.

indeed, it has arrived trick of rome, With the approval of “DL Asset” in yesterday’s Council of Ministers last Monday, The Italian “Chips Act” Begins Exactly on the basis of accepted in Europe. The measures, some of which were announced by Enterprise Minister Adolfo Urso on the sidelines of the meeting, relate to the microelectronics supply chain: tax credits until the end of 2027; Creation of a Standing Technical Committee for Microelectronics at MIMIT for Scientific Analysis Uses Italian Center for the Design of Integrated Circuits and Semiconductors, An increase in the annual allocation for scientific and technological research, also taking into account Italy’s growing need for participation in the funding of European research and development projects.

anie, extraordinary opportunity

Annie Adhering to the National Federation of Electrotechnical and Electronic Companies Confindustria, which groups In ANI Electronic Components Italian industrial proposal active in the microelectronics sectors participates with Confindustria in constant dialogue with the Ministry companies and by offering Made in Italy And National Needs Framework It is necessary to ensure security of supply by targeting Development of National Plan on Microelectronics,

“CHIPS ACT – he declares Philip GirardiPresident of ANIE Federation – represents a extraordinary opportunity for the Italian electronics industry. improve the security of supplygives a perspective of flexibility and technical sovereignty in the chip and semiconductor industry, as well as the development of new industries business opportunities, Last but not least, create conditions for a quality business, ANIE together with Confindustria presided over the dossier during the entire legislative process, leading to permanent representation in MIMIT, Brussels, and constant dialogue with European representatives. We therefore welcome the text of the decree and reaffirm our commitment to ensure all possible cooperation Directly with institutions to support the development of industrial sector policies. Especially for the National Plan on Microelectronics, which was announced by Minister Adolfo Urso.

industry data

In 2022, the total turnover from semiconductor sales in Italy 1.6 billion euros, with a share of about 3.3% of the entire European market, which is set to exceed $54 billion in 2022 (Source: WSTS – World Semiconductor Trade Statistics). The industry is the main Italian destination market for semiconductors, with around 40% of total sales being for the automotive sector alone.

The production of semiconductors in Italy is part of the wider sector of electronic components which sees a manufacturing base of great importance in our country. With a value of industrial production, just under 7 billion EurosItaly And this 3rd largest producer of electronic componentsof the European Union, which is concentrated in five countries, behind Germany and France 70% of the industrial production of the region.





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