Tesla Model 3 and Model Y revival: Points on the rumors

Tesla Model 3 and Model Y revival: Points on the rumors

The Tesla Model 3, launched in 2017, quickly became the best-selling electric car in the world. Only the Model Y SUV, which has been produced since 2020 and incorporates core elements of the Model 3, has managed to differentiate it. It even became the best selling car in the world by combining all the Energies.

Due to a number of developments and low prices, the two “small” Teslas have ultimately managed to remain very competitive despite abundant competition. However, the American manufacturer is looking to introduce a makeover to its Model 3 and Model Y in the form of restyling.

This news is still at the rumor level, but many clues are pointing in this direction. Thus far, we already know these revised and revised versions under the code names Highland for the Model 3 and Juniper for the Model Y.

An imminent launch for the refurbished Model 3?

According to the latest rumors, production of the restyled Tesla Model 3 is about to begin. According to Chinese media JRJ, pre-series copies are already being produced in Shanghai. If this information is confirmed, the presentation of this new version will be immediate.

On the new side, we expect to see slight visual updates at the front and rear of the car. The stolen photos offer a glimpse of what Phase 2 of the Tesla Model 3 could look like. Reddit user ffiarpg posted a photo of what could be a prototype of the new model, unfortunately without further details.

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Camouflaged Model 3 prototypes were also spotted, giving a glimpse at the sedan’s alleged future rims.

The interior should also be reviewed. The Model 3 may get the yoke steering wheel of the Model S and Model X, which causes a lot of ink to flow through. teslascope, However, Tesla is said to have developed the steering technology run-by-wire, like the Toyota bZ4X, that would solve the main problem with this steering wheel. Thus, the gear ratio of the steering can be varied according to speed, so as not to interfere during manoeuvres, for example.

Finally, on the technical side, the chassis would have been modified to lighten the Model 3 and make it less expensive to produce. New batteries can also be received in this. according to the media 36 croresUsing CATL’s new Ningde Era M3P cells, still using LFP technology, the entry-level Model 3’s battery pack will be increased from 60 to 66 kWh.

A similar treatment for the Model Y?

Rumors about the facelifted Model Y are few, but for two reasons. First, according to information from Reuters, production of the new version of the SUV is expected until 2024, probably a few months after the Model 3. Also, the treatment received by the Model Y should be very close to that of the sedan. We’re talking about a slightly revised design, but still closer to the Model 3. The interiors will also be modernized and we can again expect similar developments in both the models.

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