The African heat is back: where and when will it reach 40°

The African heat is back: where and when will it reach 40°

After a break of a few days in the season (an “autumn effect” we talked about here) and after the wave of bad weather causing extensive damagewe talked about it here too), Italy is preparing for the return of the African heat wave. So sultry will return in the summer of 2023 temperature record It will touch 40 degrees and other extreme weather events.

this time we’re talking about amore generalized freak heat wavewho will not divide the country this time Sood hot tight and a nord Affected by hailstorm and storm. Here’s where and when A “hot air bubble” from North Africa. This will affect our cities.

When and how much will the temperature rise

According to experts, the mercury of the thermometer will start rising from Tuesday. high pressure area Africans will reach Italy. Therefore, there will be sunny days, but the weather will be normal on Wednesday as well.

Instead a real heat wave is expected on Thursday, which will continue to hold our country hostage mid august, The temperature range is discussed above 10 °C, even the maximum temperature 38° In some inland areas of the country. You may also have time in the second half of the week cloudy, but without extreme drops in temperature, even in coastal areas. The temperature should return to “normal” levels only after the 15th of this month.

2022 was the hottest year in last 60 years in Italy,

Where will the new heat wave hit?

The anticyclone will start exerting its influence on the temperature plains of northern italyBut Tyrrhenian region come on Sicily I Sardinia, Temperatures in all these regions will reach and go above 34-35°C during the afternoon (The decree on heat emergency, sig-meteo is fine: who is responsible and when, It will be worse in big tourist cities like Rome and Florence, where the thermometer will score even 36-37°CAnd inland areas away from the sea and also in southern regions, where peaks of 38 °C will be reached.

No alarm though. average temperature proverbs that will not go beyond me 29-32°C By the weekend of 12-13 August, with only isolated peak of 34/35°C Tableland of Puglia and in the inland areas of the major islands. in the north, especially in the alpine valleys the minimum They can also drop inclusive values 14 to 19°C, al Center Minimum marks will be obtained instead 16-20°CTo lie Sood would be the range between 18 E 23° C,

no holiday in bad weather

chances of Rain I isolated thunderstormsHowever, don’t give up completely Answer, especially the Alpine arc. Unlike the terrible wave of bad weather that has recently brought our regions to their knees, localized and intense meteorological events will occur in mid-August.

African heat in Italy will basically subside over the weekend cold currents from northern europe, A further reinforcement of the African anticyclone will in any case guarantee good weather over a large part of the boot during the mid-August bridge.