Granchio blu invasione

They call him “the killer of the sea”: Coldiretti’s alarm

they call “killer of the sea” because it’s Gourmet and reproduces uncontrollably. It is an exotic and invasive species: it comes from the north of the Atlantic Ocean, but has adapted perfectly to our climate, growing and breeding in the Mediterranean Sea. Damage to fisheries and shellfish farming, Its uncontrolled spread is also due to the fact that it has practically no predators in our seas. it is about blue crabTremendous threat to biodiversity and the fishing industry.

blue crab is edible

The blue crab reduces the amount of catch and can also crawl across fields with its strong claws to cut nets. “Danger to the existence of the Hereafter 3,000 family business in the areas most affected by the disappearance of genuine food excellence”, complains Coldiretti. The association has decided that the remedy is complete: the war on blue crab is complete. Weapons: frying pan, knife and fork. The Veneto section of the association recently implemented a show cooking at a farmhouse in Eraclea to present something Blue Crab Recipe, So, from disaster to resource.

Blue Crab: Counter Invasion Recipe

Rosemary Blue Crab, Venetian Crab Salad and Roasted Garlic Spaghettini with Crab. These are just some of the recipes prepared by the cooks, fishermen and farmers of Coldireti. The war on crab seeps through restaurant menus and citizens’ culinary habits. Another incentive can be found, why not, in the rural festivals for which Italy is famous all over the world.

The association then highlights the nutritional properties of the crustacean: “The blue crab boasts, among other things, important nutritional properties thanks to its strong presence vitamin b12extremely valuable to the human organism, but it also has a delicate and delicious taste“, writes Coldiretti.

Blue Crab: Price Per Kilo

Again, the prices are relatively affordable: “For those who want to buy it, the prices are around ten euros per kilo,

Meanwhile, blue crab is affecting mussel, clam and sea bream farms on the northern coast of the Adriatic, from Sacca di Goro in the province of Ferrara to the Polesine region, such as Sacca degli Scardoveri in Porto Tolle (province of Rovigo) to Chioggia, in Friuli, in the Venice region, and in the Gulf of Trieste. The killer crustacean has also been observed in the Tyrrhenian Sea, starting in Tuscany, where it is infesting the coasts from Orbatello to Marina di Pisa in the Grosseto region. Scenes also in Puglia, Abruzzo, Lazio, Liguria and Sicily.

2.9 million to combat blue crab

Francesco Lollobrigida, the boss of MASAF (Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty), brought the matter to the Council of Ministers. omnibus decree has been set 2.9 million euros In favor of companies and consortia in the region that take care of the catching and disposal of blue crab.
The purpose of the decree is to identify the geographic areas affected by the emergency, the beneficiaries, the application submission process, eligible costs and allocation criteria.