Two books to know the thoughts of Lina Palmerini

Two books to know the thoughts of Lina Palmerini

Apart from being a distinguished economics journalist and editor only 24 hoursLina Palmerini is the co-author of two books on the world of work, with an eye on politics, particularly dealing with public finance, public administration and local authorities. Let’s see which ones.

how a company works

Book Company Careers. How does a company work? What are the main corporate functions and what do they do? It was written by Alessandro Balistri, Rita Fatiguso and Lina Palmerini. Released March 1999.

This comprehensive and in-depth work explores a wide range of topics related to the corporate world. Initially, it highlights the organizational structure of companies, detailing how they are organized and divided into departments or divisions, each with a clearly defined role.

The book goes on to analyze business functions, which include human resources, finance, marketing, sales, manufacturing, research and development, and more. This business overview helps the readers to better understand the inner workings of organizations. In addition, it provides invaluable information about the various roles and responsibilities that employees play in a company, allowing readers to explore potential career development paths and how to progress in their careers and achieve specific career goals. Allows you to get practical advice.

Corporate management is another important topic covered in the book, which addresses issues related to efficient management of resources, strategic planning, internal and external communication, management control and other vital aspects for the success of a company. Furthermore, market analysis is a core element of the book, describing how companies conduct in-depth market research to assess competitors, analyze trends, and make informed strategic decisions.

Overall, this publication presents a comprehensive view of the way companies operate and the internal dynamics, providing a useful tool for those seeking to gain a better understanding of the corporate world and career options within it.

work for hire

Book work on rent. Rule. Market condition. Required Profiles. authorized companies was written by fabrizio forquet, Elena Molinari and Lina Palmerini and published in March 1999.

The book focuses on the topic of temporary or “project” work, where people are hired for a specific period of time or for a specific project, rather than being employed on a permanent basis. Explore the various topics related to this methodology. In particular, it examines the laws and regulations governing temporary work, including contracts, employee protections and the duties of companies offering this type of work. It analyzes the current temporary labor market environment including trends, demand and supply of temporary workers.

Additionally, the book sheds light on the types of skills and abilities required for work for hire and how employers evaluate candidates for these temporary positions. Finally, he discusses companies or agencies that specialize in providing temporary employment services, explains their role and how people can interact with these organizations to find rental work opportunities.





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