Wildly telemarketing is rampant and Agcom doles out fines

Wildly telemarketing is rampant and Agcom doles out fines

il public register of protests Per block annoying phone calls Number of Companies Making Unsolicited Commercial Offers Effective July 27, 2022 28 million users Which are already registered against around 100 million active users among active sim cards and fixed numbers.

Cons Register doesn’t always work

But as they say, once the law is made, the loophole has been found: The opposition register is unable to prevent unwanted phone calls from reaching citizens. users still receive, on average between 5 and 8 calls per week, a report of full user,

It’s not that the registry doesn’t work, far from it. According toagcom The tool works very well and the fact that the number of harassing phone calls is not decreasing is due to a different effect. “Opposition Register” it’s working perfectly, maybe too muchsays the commissioner agcomReported opinion of Massimiliano Capitanioloop, “The fact of being an effective deterrent to legal telemarketers has led to the phenomenon CLI spoofing, or illegal call”. “On these – concludes Capitanio – we need to intervene now. specific modern lawTo filter incoming calls from abroad”.

l’agcom recently approved code of conduct for call centers It aims to combat the practice of illegal and unwanted teleselling.
l’agcom He then fined two companies for the practice of unwanted phone calls: We’re talking A fine of 200 thousand euros on each company,

Who are the unwanted calls coming from?

60% of calls are related to proposals power supply25% respect the offer landline and mobile operators and 15% concern offer online investment,

In addition to human operators, users are targeted by calls where someone is talking pre-recorded message, And calls can come from Italy or from abroad. Then there is a trend which is related to silent calls.

“Wild telemarketing harms not only the users but also the rightful operators complying with the provisions on privacy, for this reason we call on the government to amend the law urgently, as other countries have done starting with the Netherlands , an opt-in system, in this, only people who register with the register give explicit consent to telemarketing and can therefore receive commercial calls, with sanctions against those who violate the rules being strengthened “, says the president of full user furio truzzi,

telemarketing code of conduct

on July 26agcom Has agreed to Code of Conduct for Teleselling Activity, The code complies with certain principles:

  • transparency of contracts concluded by telephone with end users;
  • correct use of phone number listsAs provided by the operators;
  • regulation of subcontracting of call center activities;
  • obligation of memorization The call center receives some share from the customer;
  • Obligation to register with the Call Center ROC;
  • Restrictions on changing the caller line identification of the line from which the call is coming
  • Guarantee to the users contacted conscious choice,
  • ensure a high quality level of contact activities, in the context of adequate staff training In-charge;
  • Direct all communications made in the context of promotional and sales activities with utmost courtesy, transparency and simplicity;
  • Provide that the subject to whom the promotional or sales activity is entrusted / contracted (or possibly sub-contracted) monitors compliance with the instructions issued by its employees and with the procedures established by the client.





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