X (ex-Twitter) is "close to balance," according to its boss

X (ex-Twitter) is “close to balance,” according to its boss

Twitter, recently renamed X, will be “closer to balance”, said Linda Yacarino, general manager of the platform. After months of cost cutting,I have a chance to orchestrate the transition from budgetary discipline to growth. And the one who says development, says recruitmentwelcomed the leader on CNBC.

Linda Yacarino took over as head of the social network two months ago after 12 years as head of advertising at NBCUniversal, while Elon Musk remains the company’s chairman. Since taking over Twitter in late October, the Tesla boss has turned the platform upside down with massive layoffs — 1,500 of the previously 8,000 employees are still there — until a recent name change. Advertising revenue halved.

,Elon focuses on technology. He’s working on the future and I’m responsible for everything else, running the company, partnerships, legal, sales, finance…“, Linda Yacarino explained. Elon Musk has been described by many former employees as an erratic leader who does not tolerate a different point of view from his own, regardless of the expertise of colleagues.

According to the manager,Three out of four users are happy with Twitter’s change to X,The shift in identity represented a real liberation from Twitter, allowing us to evolve beyond the mental state we inherited from the past.Linda Yacarino said.

He spoke of the diversification of services on the social network, from advertising revenue sharing to the promise of video calls and payment tools for some influential users. The billionaire has time and again set out his point of view “do it all app“Like WeChat in China. So far, its controversial approach to content moderation and chaotic launch of new features like paid user authentication have largely scared off advertisers. But.”they came back”, Linda Yacarino assured, referring specifically to Coca-Cola and Visa.

,By all objective measures, X is a healthier and safer platform than it was a year agoHe claimed to defend the service’s policy on problematic comments (misinformation, conspiracy theories, harassment, etc.). Online Hate, which has published several important studies of the social network.

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