5 weather and climate books to read this summer

5 weather and climate books to read this summer

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Futura offers you the top 5 of the best weather and climate books published in recent years: science, simple explanations, but also great images:

climate watchdog Of Heidi Sevestre (HarperCollins): The story of glaciologists’ journeys and incredible adventures across the planet, fuses the interest in preserving ice with solid information.

Extreme weather: at the center of climate events Of Guillaume Séchet (Hugo Images): All the extremes of the weather, in images and figures, in this book written by a reference meteorologist.

Tornado Stalkers: Waiting for the Wrath of the Sky Of Christophe AsselinJulien Batard, Vincent Deligny, Tony Le Bastard (Grund): Gorgeous photographs of hurricanes and tornadoes in the Great American Plains with their explanations and anecdotes by four French storm hunters.

Let’s talk climate in 30 questions Of valerie maison-delmotte and Christophe Cassou (La documentation française): Answers by two IPCC authors to 30 essential questions every citizen asks about the climate and its history.

A Brief Guide to Weather Events: What to See and Understand By Blandine Pluchette (1st ed.): Explore and learn how to spot all the daily weather phenomena thanks to a physicist.





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