A stunning video of a duel between a sloth and an ocelot

A stunning video of a duel between a sloth and an ocelot

A camera trap set up deep in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle surprised a surprising sight. of a confrontation between a sloth and an ocelot. Which of the two will be victorious?

Sloth is the slowest animal on the planet. Or in any case, the slowest moving mammal in the world. His VitseVitse The maximum speed is estimated at about 30 centimeters per minute. But sometimes, two-toed sloths can be surprisingly vivacious, we learn today from anthropologists from the University of Texas (USA), with a helpful video.

Camera traps capture a truly astonishing scene somewhere in Ecuador’s Amazon jungle “interesting”, “The first time an ocelot — And felinefeline AU neznez pink and round ears appears in our footage and a few times a sloth has appeared”says Anthony Di Dior, a professor of anthropology at the University of Texas, in a press release. which also reminds us that, in general, “Ocelots and sloths, in terms of their lifestyle, are difficult animals to observe. ,

Surprising encounter between sloth and ocelot

The scenes are even more interesting, as they highlight the one-on-one battle between sloth and lazinessocelotocelot, placing them in a prey-predator relationship that has rarely been considered until now. Photos also show danger to animals arborealarboreal Like sloths when they walk on land. and the fact that two-toed slothtwo-toed slothAn essentially nocturnal animal, it can also be alive during the day.

The researchers have no plans to redirect their work — which is aimed more at primates — but if other sloths pass by, the camera trap will be there to watch them. And meanwhile, it’s actually the two-legged sloth that comes out of this situation bigger. Surviving the ocelot with a gusto we didn’t suspect!





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