Anonymous cryptocurrency investor burns $8 million worth of assets

Anonymous cryptocurrency investor burns $8 million worth of assets

The crypto money investor, who came out with a burn of 2 thousand 500 ETH worth $4.6 million in one go, continued to reset his assets.

The unknown investor, using the name nd4.eth ENS, liquidated $3.3 million worth of GMX and GNS tokens as well as several valuable NFTs sent to his address, and in recent transactions, he liquidated $8 million in crypto assets destroyed more than ,

He also burned his valuable NFTs

Valuable NFTs sent to the Yakim address include two pieces from the Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, three pieces from the Mutant Ape Yacht Club collection, and one piece from the Crypto Punk collection. The combined value of these NFTs is over $200,000.

The mystery behind the transaction is still intact. It is not known why the investor burned his property.

Tokens that are to be burned on Ethereum, ie removed from circulation, are sent to addresses beginning with “0xdead…”. No one has access to these addresses. Therefore, it is not possible to retrieve the sent token. Over $4 billion worth of assets have been sent to one of these addresses so far. This number is increasing every day.

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