Antibiotics may replace surgery to cure appendicitis

Antibiotics may replace surgery to cure appendicitis

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Appendectomy is one of the most common surgical operations. Doctors remove this small piece of intestine, called the appendix, in case of infection, but scientists remove Karolinska Institute There is a belief that thanks to antibiotics it is possible to work without operation in case of appendicitis.

Antibiotics, a promising option for treating appendicitis

They analyzed data from two clinical studies conducted in Sweden in the 1990s that compared the health of patients who received antibiotics or had an operation to treat their appendicitis. , Appendicitis did not return in more than half of unoperated patients, and they avoided surgery for nearly twenty years. ”, write the author. Indeed, about 10% of patients treated with antibiotics eventually had to have an operation for abdominal pain, compared to 0.01% of patients with appendectomy. Scientists say that apart from a recurrence of appendicitis, there is no other risk in prescribing antibiotics instead of an operation.


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