Base, Coinbase's Layer-2 Network, Reaches 136,000 Daily Active Users

Base, Coinbase’s Layer-2 Network, Reaches 136,000 Daily Active Users

The day after the official launch of the network, Daily active users of Coinbase’s Layer 2 blockchain exceed 100,000 for the first time.

Dune Analytics data for August 10 shows beyond 136,000 daily usersthe highest number in its short history, which also coincided with the second day of its public release.

Daily Active Users on the basis. Source: Dune

As of 10 August, around 30 percent of daily users were new Basic users, totaling around 42,000 – although the record was set on 31 July with over 60,000 users.

Meanwhile, on August 10, CryptoRank, a data platform for the crypto market, Learned that Base is now ranked 4th in daily transactions among Layer-2 solutionsBack zkSync era, judge by optimism

Base is now ranked 4th for daily TPS among Layer 2 solutions. #Base Layer 2 launched its mainnet yesterday and is showing strong growth in active users and transactions. It now ranks 4th in daily TPS (transactions per second).

– CryptoRank Platform (@CryptoRank_io) 10 August 2023

Coinbase Base Network officially launched on August 9th after spending a few weeks in a phase “Open to builders only”Dubbing the start of the event “Onchen Summer”.

Base was initially launched in beta version on 23 February. As soon as it was announced, many in the crypto community speculated that it could help onboard more users to the Web3 protocol, due to Coinbase’s large user base. The network has launched its mainnet version “For Builders” on July 13, but the team warned that it’s not ready for users yet.

Currently, Basic users can transfer ether (ETH), Interact with decentralized crypto exchange, Pay with web-based app, Register username “.Base” Or launch an autonomous decentralized organization.

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