Bitcoin at risk of 15% drop by October, $100K expected in 2026

Bitcoin at risk of 15% drop by October, $100K expected in 2026

bitcoin next month (B T c) It could easily fall below $25,000,

Second timothy petersonFounder and Investment Manager Cane Island Alternative Consultant, possibilities A fall to a local minimum is as good as 50/50.

BTC Price May Register “Last Big Downtrend” in September

While bitcoin bulls continue their efforts to breakout above $30,000, many traders and analysts are eyeing lower levels.

Pietersen, who is known for his technical insight, believes that the performance of August and September is typical This can yield a return of approximately $25,000.

Uploading a graph of monthly BTC/USD performance data to X (formerly Twitter), he concluded that a “The Last Big Drop” Maybe before the end of September. In other words, The decline in the price of BTC could be more than 15% in the next six weeks.

“50% chance that bitcoin will drop below $25,000 before the end of September”reads the attached comment.

“This would represent the last major decline before the next bullish cycle begins.”

BTC/USD Monthly Return Comparison. Source: Timothy Peterson/X

As Cointelegraph reports, September is traditionally a month “negative” For bitcoin bulls. Every year since 2017, the price of BTC has been below its opening price at the end of the month.

On the other hand, August has been a mixed month, offering modest gains or losses, with one notable exception in 2017.

Bitcoin price expected to hit $100,000 by mid-2026

carrying on, Peterson doubles down on his bullish outlook for bitcoin.

In addition to predicting one last significant retracement before the bull run, recent analysis has pointed to a term approx. 1,000 days – less than three years – For BTC/USD to reach $100,000.

This result was driven by the metric “Lowest Price Ahead”Which provides price predictions for specific dates in the future.

Previously known as Bitcoin’s “never look back” calculator, it owes its fame to correctly predicting BTC’s eventual decline to $10,000 in September 2020.

“If You Ignore Bitcoin’s ‘Bottom Price Ahead’ Trend for a 2022 Downtrend, Remember That Bitcoin Price Usually Breaks Below Trend After Bearish Markets”, he wrote An hopeful Peterson in a post on Aug. 8 on X.

“Bear markets are about waiting, not doubting. Bitcoin is less than 1000 days away from $100K.”

Commented chart of minimum price forwards of bitcoin. Source: Timothy Peterson/X

This article does not constitute investment tips or advice. Every investment and trade involves risk and readers should do their own research before making decisions.

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