Bonucci, Osimhen and San Siro: Serie A's open cases

Bonucci, Osimhen and San Siro: Serie A’s open cases

There is little time left until the start of Serie A. Fans can’t wait for the 2023-24 season to begin, with Italy’s Napoli in search of champions. However, there are still many open cases. Questions must be clarified and resolved that, in some cases, promise a real fiasco about our football.

series a rights

Negotiations are still open to award the rights to Serie A. Of course, there is no mention of the season that is about to start. The gaze is directed to the next and following. It needs to be clarified whether the final agreement that will be reached will actually be for one year or maybe three years.

Everything came to a halt in August, with the appointment postponed until Monday 11 September for the next general comparison with regard to broadcasters’ offers, which is not yet reassuring. DAZN, Mediaset and Sky remain in the runningThe companies aim to make a decision by mid-October.

The league has clarified how Offers received will be valid till 15th October: “Legà Serie A and the company will continue to work with the aim of maximizing the value of its audio-visual rights”. Meanwhile, the hypothesis of the much-discussed issue has not been completely ruled out. league channel, However, this is plan C in case of complete rejection of the currently received offers.

The CEO expressed his opinion on this Louis DesivoExplaining how the entrepreneurial and revolutionary effort to launch a unique project like Lega Channel in Italy cannot be dismissed.

Bonucci case

We talk from the beginning of the market Case bonucci, The Juventus defender is no longer part of the plans of the Juventus club. It seems that Giuntoli’s arrival has changed the cards on the table, palpably and swiftly. Result? Leonardo Bonucci out of pink. was the first stepwas dismissed from the tour in the United StatesWhat is the former Juventus captain now?

Bad ending to an important, albeit complicated, story that includes a surprise departure and a sudden return. In the midst of many battles, goals and disputes. report this situation Sports GazetteThe counsel for the central guard will move forward. pec sent To the Juventus club, warned him to immediately reinstate the player in the team of Massimiliano Allegri. However, there are no second thoughts from the club, which considers it a technical option and provides the player with the best conditions for training, waiting for the transfer market to take its course.

The parties will have to talk to each other, considering how valid today is 6 crore deal Pure Euro by 2024. However, Bonucci is unwilling to settle for the entire season and may seek compensation, A sum of over 2 million euros to leave the Bianconeri without looking back.

Osimhen case

Napoli would also be champion of Italy but unlike that, this does not exclude them from market contention. There has been much talk about the sudden departure of Kim, who flew to Bayern Munich after only one season, although it was a historic departure.

Azzurri moves between the new, the certain and the possible, in and out of the market, from Natan to Kajste, to the Veiga idea. Instead we talk about Lozano, Zielinski E Osimhen towards the exit. weight of offer from saudi arabia It is huge and this market will be remembered for it. Many footballers are afraid of losing the car of life, even though others are forced to deal with much more complicated choices given their age, career and incredible earnings.

That is the position of Osimhen, who still has a lot to say and big dreams in Europe. After several meetings, it seems that a consensus has been reached. De Laurentiis ready to put 10 million salary on the plate Euro or more per season. An all-inclusive package including bonuses and image rights. The cancellation clause, which should be set at between 140 and 150 million euros, has also been waived. The blue president confirmed the desire of both sides to continue together, while García cannot wait for the moment to come when “he can dedicate himself only to the pitch”.

San Siro’s future

The Municipality of Milan should be able to find a solution to what would San Siro’s future, is now increasingly in equilibrium. Inter and Milan respectively look elsewhere everyday I san donato, Should things continue like this, it cannot be ruled out that the seventieth birthday of the stadium, which will be celebrated in 2025, could be the only birthday for the cousin clubs.

Mayer would like to retain at least one of the two teams, aiming for a complete restructuring of the Mezza, which cannot be demolished under any circumstances. to date Matching will be more complicated to explain, which is why Inter remains the preferred choice for Salah. Although within the limits permitted by the Superintendent, the Nerazzurri will be given the freedom to renovate the facility. The alternative would be to build one from scratch laid next to it, keeping the San Siro standing, perhaps partially, In all of this, Rozano’s prospects are getting slimmer, at the very least.





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