Breathtaking pictures of floods in Norway

Breathtaking pictures of floods in Norway

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At the beginning of the week, a StormStorm The major event, Storm Hansa, swept across Scandinavia. Sweden was the first to be affected, including a train derailment on Monday, injuring three people.

Denmark is at a loss ventsvents Violent incidents further fueled the ongoing forest fires. of Wave’sWave’s Heights of eight meters were seen and beach houses were washed away into the North Sea.

Norway underwater

But Norway is probably the most affected.

It rained heavily in the country. According to meteorologistmeteorologistThere would not have been so much rain in the country for 25 years!

Result: Impressive landslides and floods. residents were cut off from the world and thousands were evacuated helicopterhelicopter,

Hydroelectric dam failed in Norway

In southern Norway, a hydroelectric dam on the Glamma river – Norway’s largest river – partially breached, while infrastructure officials consider a solution – a partial blast – to leave it there ExpressionExpression which had accumulated after heavy rains.

The automatic valve opening was taken out of service after a failure of the safety system. electrical networkelectrical network, The failure of the dam caused extensive damage to the Braskeridfoss hydroelectric power station and low-lying areas.

The population – less than 1,000 people – was deported. But these areas will be filled with water till the excess water is drained out. And the prime minister of Norway talks about the possibility of reaching a record water level for at least 50 years.

As the rain continues, the Norwegian Water Resources Directorate andenergyenergy He told that many lakes of the country can overflow. Of which Randsfjorden is the fourth largest lake in Norway. A risk he hadn’t taken since 1910.

Is global warming the cause of the damage?

Storm Hans blew across northern Scandinavia AirAir unbelievably hot. Since 1969, the Swedish city of Haparanda has recorded a temperature of 30.2 °C.

This extreme weather event has not yet been analysed. But for several years now, scientists have been warning that with global warming, we should expect more storms to bring more rain and stronger winds. Specifically: warm air that can hold more water. Some scientists say this will become more of a problem in areas with older dams that are not prepared for it.