Cacti are dying by the hundreds in Arizona!

Cacti are dying by the hundreds in Arizona!

In Arizona, giant saguaro cacti, a symbol of the state, are being destroyed by the hundreds. HeatHeat Abnormal for more than a month.

These cacti, which can reach 12 to 15 meters in height, live mainly in DesertDesert from Sonora. no one knows them DurationDuration real-life, but they may exceed 150 years, and some sources even suggest the possibility that they may reach 400 years.

In Arizona, high heat is classic from June to September (over 45 °C), but at night temperatures typically drop below 28 °C. Except this year, the nights aren’t cold enough for the cacti to open. stomastoma : These tiny pores in their skin remain closed during the day to limit water loss, and open at night allowing the cactus to “breathe”.

but the temperature exceeds 43°C wonderwonder For 25 days during the month of July, and night temperatures often did not drop below 35 °C. The cacti could not implement the normal mechanism of respiration, and many suffocated: if it happens that the more delicate cacti die, a large number of cacti falling to the ground testifies to an abnormal heat, even that even for climateclimate Already extreme desert.





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