Canada Expands NFT and Crypto Activities!

Canada Expands NFT and Crypto Activities!

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (rcmp) is looking for a digital asset solution to facilitate the holding and storage of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Canada, which has been on the agenda recently with its crypto-related actions, has attracted attention with the announcement of its new move. with crypto coins nft’lere While increasing its efforts for RCMP-related services, the RCMP said it is focusing on digital assets. According to the statement, the application tender for the solution for the storage of seized digital assets was opened on 10 August.

An official statement came from the authorities on this subject.

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Stepping up its activities on digital assets and NFTs, the RCMP made statements addressing the latest developments;

“The development of a centralized repository solution will allow police to confiscate these assets in a user-friendly manner, as well as provide security to prevent these assets from being stolen while in storage.”

RCMP requests 17 different services from this repository for digital assets and NFTs. These include blockchain processing capacity and scalability to support new blockchains in the future. The RCMP also aims to provide access to its data to users who need it. On the topic of NFTs, he said that Ethereum, Solana and Polygon-based NFTs are at the forefront.





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