Curve Finance put out a statement regarding the refund

Curve Finance put out a statement regarding the refund

curve financeThey said they have recovered about 70 percent of the funds affected by the attack and are working on the returns.

crypto industry latest curve finance He was almost shaken by his hack. As a result of the Curve Finance hack, the harassment of crypto investors came to the fore and the project was shaken.

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Binance Curve helps by investing in finance. Furthermore, the project development team said in a post in the past that funding has been affected close to 70 percent He announced that he was saved. curve financeSo as to enable refund of money to the customers who have faced complaint Looking for solution.

Curve Finance plans to resolve complaints

happened last week curve finance After the hack, the project team continues its work at full speed. curve finance The team recovered most of the funds affected by the hack. Another question that came to mind was the fate of the funds of users who experienced harassment. The project team hinted at the withdrawal process in an X post last week.

Curve Finance said the investigation into the hack is ongoing and significant progress has been made. The team disclosed priority upon assessing a proportional share of affected users. This assessment was made to make the distribution of wealth more equitable.

Every new hacking story that emerges in the DeFi industry calls into question the fate of the industry. Many crypto investors are beginning to think that regulations will benefit.





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