Developed an artificial intelligence that detects fraud in X

Developed an artificial intelligence that detects fraud in X

Researchers at San Diego State University in California developed an artificial intelligence to detect crypto scams in X.

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies is also increasing the appetite of scammers. Many scams involve imitation cryptocurrencies and crypto projects. Social media platforms in particular host this situation.

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East Twitter which is XCrypto has become the most widely used social media channel in the industry. abdresearchers in XHe developed an artificial intelligence to detect scams.

An AI that detects crypto scams

in California San Diego State Universityresearchers of cheap scam hunter They developed an artificial intelligence system named X. This system is used to find, track and expose crypto scams on X.

cheap scam hunterMade at X, between June 2022 and June 2023 87,617 in your account Turns out he was running a crypto scam. artificial intelligence in popular social media 95111 scams List made.

Researchers have developed an artificial intelligence tool that automatically removes fraudulent websites and crypto wallets. System, 327 Danger internet domain name and 121 new scams Crypto wallet address found.

The team trained a natural language processing tool on data from previously identified giveaway scams to figure out which listings were involved in sweepstakes scams. Using this method, researchers uncovered nearly 100,000 gift scams.

The following statement was included in the report; ,The study, which tracks transactions from fraudulent cryptocurrency addresses, reveals that more than 365 victims were hacked by the fraudsters, resulting in an estimated $872,000 in financial losses.,





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