Do you understand cat expressions?  Take the Test to Find Out If You're a "Cat Whisperer"

Do you understand cat expressions? Take the Test to Find Out If You’re a “Cat Whisperer”

There are more domesticated cats than domesticated dogs worldwide. And also cats are the most popular on social networks. Yet even for those who share a cat’s life, it is difficult to read her moods on her face. to know if you are rare « The Cat Whispers » Including our feline friends, scientists have designed a test.

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(The article was originally published in 2017)

Dogs are usually presented as man’s best friend. However, cats also hold a special place in our hearts. Thus a quarter of European households would share their home with a cat. But, if it is often seen that your dog seems easy to understand, on the other hand, our cats have a reputation for being difficult to understand their moods. And researchers at the University of Guelph (Canada) confirmed today that beyond purrs of satisfaction and thumping of ears in anger, understanding cat’s subtle facial expressions is almost a feat.

Still some people – prefer women and people with experience animal treatmentanimal treatment – Show yourself a special talent CaseCase, researchers call them « The Cat Whispers », And they imagine that this skill — which is vital to cats’ well-being and relationships with their owners — can be taught to others.

The basis for their findings: A study of 6,300 volunteers from 85 countries, who were asked to give their opinions after watching short videos of cats online. Until then, the only similar study – researchers at the University of Guelph had actually found only one – had assessed the expression PainPain, here is a comprehensive the dark shadowthe dark shadow The emotions detected included fear and frustration as well as positive emotions.

some “cat whisperers”

Participants found the test difficult and received an average score of 12/20. While they were asked nothing more than whether the cat’s expression was positive or negative. which researchers classify as « The Cat Whispers » — 13% of volunteers — scored 15 or more.

They are usually women. This appears to be in line with the results of other studies which show that women are more likely to understand non-verbal expressions of emotion than men. In both humans and dogs. And so in cat too. On the other hand, cat lovers do not understand them better. Whereas those who have veterinary experience have taken the opportunity to progress in this field.

“It just goes to show that cats have a lot to tell us. Their moods are certainly difficult to trace, but not entirely inscrutable., says biologist Georgia Mason of the University of Guelph. Now researchers have yet to figure out what « The cat whispers » See what normal humans don’t see!

And you, do you know how to understand the mood of cats? Ready to take the test?





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