Donald Trump on the Ethereum Caravan

Donald Trump on the Ethereum Caravan

before 2024 elections abd announced his candidacy for the presidency Donald TrumpAccording to financial reports, it has Ethereum (ETH) in its digital wallet.

The upcoming presidential election in the US is also having an impact on cryptocurrencies. The crypto approach of the candidates is on the agenda in the election. Donald TrumpHe became one of the important names to announce his candidacy for the US presidency. According to the latest financial reports, Trump has crypto assets. Trump, who has released a collection of NFTs in the past months, owns a significant amount of ETH.

Donald Trump Has Ethereum

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The United States continues to prepare for the 2024 presidential election. After the presidential election, the movement of crypto will also be affected. Donald Trump, who announced his candidacy for the US presidency, is known for his affinity towards digital assets. Earlier, Trump earned around $9 million from his NFT collection.

According to financial reports, Trump’s 50 bin ila 500 bin dollar There are many cryptocurrencies. The majority of this amount is in Ethereum (ETH). The NFT collection that Trump put up for sale has a significant role in ETH accumulation.

Although Trump said in 2019 that he was not interested in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the NFT collection he launched in the past months has attracted attention. In this way Trump, ETH He joined the caravan of those who had money.

Kennedy Jr., another presidential candidate, is also known as a Bitcoin maximalist. Kennedy, who has a large amount of BTC, also buys BTC for his children.