Donald Trump Reveals He Has Ether Assets

Donald Trump Reveals He Has Ether Assets

Donald Trump, who is a candidate for re-election to the post of US President, according to his asset statement, he has ETH assets of 250 thousand to 500 thousand dollars.

It was revealed that Trump acquired these ETH along with his NFT collection, which he sold after leaving the White House.

As is known, Trump launched his own NFT-based card collection last December, and the collection, which includes 44 thousand NFTs and costs $99 each, sold out within a day. He then released a second collection, which quickly sold out. The sale brought in over $8.9 million in revenue, while Trump earned $298,000 from licensing fees.

He Targeted Bitcoin During His Presidency

Trump, who has a net worth of $2.5 billion, made harsh statements regarding bitcoin and cryptocurrencies during his presidency. Trump wrote on his Twitter account that he is not a fan of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which are “highly volatile in value and not money” and that unregulated crypto assets facilitate illegal behavior, including drug dealing and other illegal activities. . It was included in a book by former US National Security Advisor John Bolton, who later told Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to “don’t chase bitcoin”.

It was published:

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