Ethereum ETF filings reach 15 on the SEC's desk

Ethereum ETF filings reach 15 on the SEC’s desk

The number of Ethereum Futures ETF applications that came to the SEC’s desk was 15 in just 13 days. As will be remembered, the frenzy that began with the Ether Strategy ETF application from Volatility Shares on Friday, 2 weeks ago, continued with continued applications.

James Seifert, one of Bloomberg’s ETF analysts, provided some great insight on this topic and shared a list of official Ether ETF applications.

“We are in a new era”

Seifert also made an important comment about applications, saying:

“We are in a new era now. It has been 13 days since the Volatility Shares ETF application. It was the first of the Ethereum futures ETFs. In 2021, the SEC will require companies to withdraw such applications within a few days. This period was one week in May. However, he has not yet made any such request. Your chances of getting accepted increase as time goes by.”

As will be recalled, Seifert and his colleague Eric Balchunas last week signed a very critical report saying that within the framework of the results they received, there is a 65% chance that the SEC will approve a spot bitcoin ETF this year.

The SEC’s most recent decision on the spot bitcoin ETF will be announced on Sunday. It is expected that ARK Invest Company will decide to postpone the ETF application.

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